By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Ads changes in 2023

If you use Google Ads changes are inevitable, as new features are regularly added and others are phased out. Although it’s only the end of the third month of this year, already some Google Ads news has come in that you should know about to make it easier to optimize your campaigns.

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1.Ads Privacy Hub

Google has addressed the problems in reaching target audiences with ads that may arise as a result of changes related to
and an increasing focus on user privacy. A new website has been launched
Ads Privacy Hub
. It focuses entirely on the problems associated with privacy restrictions. Google specialists declare that the site provides information on:

  • Privacy changes,
  • Create a database for the configuration of an effective campaign,
  • Answers to FAQs asked by advertisers.
google ads privacy changes

2.Greater effectiveness of Search campaigns thanks to AI

Google is not letting up when it comes to using
on an ever-increasing scale. Artificial intelligence is expected to facilitate the creation of high-quality ads with components created automatically. If you enable this option from the campaign level, the search engine’s flexible ads will display the most effective combinations of components created by you and generated by AI based on the content of the target website. Currently, this option is available to English-speaking advertisers and, if Google’s statistics are to be believed, increases conversions by 2%.

3.Changes in masthead measurement on YouTube

If you display your ads on YouTube, you probably know what a
, which is a native (matching the page layout) video ad that appears on the YouTube homepage. I wrote more about the types of ads on Youtube here.

Returning to masthead, a new option for buying and billing this type of advertising has entered. The traditional method is CPM (cost per mille, or cost per thousand impressions). Now there is a new option, which is CPH (cost per hour) billing. This provides 100% of the share of views (SOV) of possible masthead views on YouTube in the reserved purchased hours. You can purchase mastheads billed on a CPM and CPH basis – then they will complement each other.

4.New layout of Google Ads panel

Google is still trying to improve UI and UX, so it is testing a new interface. Functions have been grouped, a two-level menu is introduced. This is expected to make work easier, as all functions will eventually be accessible from a single menu.

google ads changes panel

For the time being, the changes are in the testing phase, so you can return to the previous view and leave feedback on what you think of the news.

5.Performance Max campaigns for the hospitality industry

Google is gradually introducing Performance campaigns targeting travel destinations. AI is intended to help hotel owners reach out to people planning to travel to a specific location. The ads are to be displayed on the ad network and search engine, Maps and YouTube. In addition, a section is expected to appear later this year: hotel ads. This is expected to increase the number of direct bookings from Google Ads.

6.Malware rules

New rules come into effect in May. Malware can damage or gain unwanted access to a user’s device. This is considered a blatant violation, not only if you advertise it, but even the link leading to it is on your website or mobile app. The ad must also not direct to a hacked site – a warning will be sent first, and if you don’t fix the problem, your Google Ads account will be suspended.

7.Excluding keywords in Performance Max

The function of excluding keywords from the advertising account level is coming in. This means that exclusions will apply to all your campaigns except Discovery. So it will be simple to add Performance Max exclusions. In addition, it will be easier to exclude branded keywords. The key names will appear in the interface, so it’s simple to add them to the exclusion list. If the list does not include all the brands you want to exclude, you can write to support to request their addition.

Of course, it is difficult to list all, even the smallest Google Ads changes. I have collected the most important news that I think is worth knowing.

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