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Online courses

You can talk about Google Ads and e-commerce for hours. There is only place for practice in my courses. Let's meet online.


Are you trying to start e-commerce? Google Ads is not going? Order individual training for your company today.


Ads are not clicking? Are you burning your budget? I will show you how to optimize your Google Ads campaigns so that such problems do not repeat.


New to Marketing? Check out my blog and YouTube channel. I post Google Ads and e-commerce tips: simple and to the point.

Who am I?

First of all, a digital marketing multitasker. I have eight years of experience in working with companies from the SME sector, but also giants such as Sony and Audi. During this time, I cooperated with over a dozen agencies, effectively combining channels of marketing activities, i.e. Google Ads, positioning, content marketing, video marketing and cooperation with influencers. I share my knowledge during trainings and consultations –
100% practical, without spilling water and clogs.

Since 2014 in Google Ads and e-commerce
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How can I help you develop?


Do you want to go deeper into Google Ads, e-commerce or SEO?
Of course, you can search for knowledge on your own - as long as you have long hours to search for information and verify sources.
Do you prefer a quick dose of knowledge? Check out my online courses.


Google Ads ads not getting the traffic they should? Are your employees running out of ideas?
Let's meet 1: 1! I conduct trainings individually and for entire companies.
I conduct classes in the form of workshops - here is only a place for practice. At the end of the day you will have a working campaign generating traffic to your website.


Do you run your own Google Ads? Or maybe you work with an agency, but you are not sure if it gives 100%?
Let's meet for a consultation! I will review your Google Ads account and website or online store.
A fresh look from the outside is the best way to get moving.


You can learn from your mistakes, but why bother when many of them are avoidable?
I have been in marketing for almost 10 years. Now you too can benefit from my experience.
In my articles and videos, you'll find solutions to get you going more efficiently in minutes.


I run online courses, individual and company training, as well as audits and consultations. Besides, I share my knowledge on this website, YouTube channel, TikToku, Instagram and Facebook. Do you want to know the details? Speak to me!

You can buy an online course on my website, call me, write an e-mail, leave an inquiry or find me on social media - how convenient for you!

Yes! I run 1: 1 trainings, but also workshops for entire companies. Do you want to train your employees with Google Ads, e-commerce or positioning? Contact me!

Meet my clients

Mr. Jerzy contributed to the marketing successes with his knowledge and experience, which translated into sales in our company. Professional.

Michał Szczepański
CEO-Founder Eprosument SA, CEO Prosument Klaster OZE

Jerzy is the best professional I've ever worked with. I have never met anyone who is so focused on the goal - satisfaction and high customer result. Sometimes (which is not very healthy), he puts focus on this goal over his own personal welfare and health. I have NEVER met someone who talks about Google Ads, marketing and conversations with such passion, conviction and ease. If you need any help with advertising on Google - Jurek is definitely the best choice!

Michał Barczak
CEO w outspace

We have been cooperating with Jerzy and his company for several years and we are not planning any changes in this regard. We work together for our clients, as a consulting agency we often use the expertise and experience of Jerzy's team and implement joint projects. Jerzy's contribution to building our own brands, an e-commerce store in a very difficult medical industry and cleaning services with a nationwide range are also invaluable. Jerzy always selects his campaigns optimally, so that the effect is consistent with the expected one and that he "does not kill with the price".

Anna Stachniuk
Strateg biznesowy | Doradztwo strategiczne Anna Stachniuk

Nowadays it is difficult to recommend someone with a "clear conscience". However, in this case it is different. Jerzy Zieliński is a professional who has significantly improved our "visibility" on the web. From the very beginning, we received care, a sense of security and many valuable advice and comments Mr. Jerzy has never said "it is impossible", he always makes sure that our campaigns are well optimized and bring the desired effect. The tasks entrusted to him are carried out at lightning speed, and our cooperation is a lot of knowledge and learning. No problem at any time. , we could call, ask and always got an answer! Therefore, we recommend cooperation with Mr. Jerzy as a partner with interesting ideas (solutions), experience, vast knowledge, who always reliably performs the tasks entrusted to him. I wish everyone to meet such colleagues on their professional path! : wink:

Sara Sekutowicz

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Oskar Grochowalski
Founder of Zdalny Ninja
optymalizacja marketingu
Who am I training?

I create courses and conduct training and consultations at various levels. You will find something for yourself whether you are just starting out or intend to reach the Level Master. I teach:

Czego tak naprawdę
się nauczysz?
Search campaigns

Where should your company be? Where its customers are, that is, in the search engine. Search network campaigns are a must. I’ll show you how to optimize them so the ads bring more conversions.

Are you starting from scratch? I will teach you how to create an effective campaign on your own that will generate traffic. Do you already have experience in running search network campaigns? I will help you systematize and complete your knowledge.

Display campaigns

Want to reach more users? Do you care about increasing website traffic, increasing sales, building brand recognition? I will show you how to expand your reach beyond Google search.

Display ads appear on Google’s ad network – that’s as many as 35 million sites and apps worldwide. I’ll show you how to set rates, set goals and make even better use of tools you may already know.

Shopping campaigns

Users are not buying your products? Maybe they just don’t know them? I’ll show you how to give the customer all the most important information about the product before they even click on the ad.

I will share practical tips on how to take advantage of Google Merchant Center’s capabilities. I will teach you how to present products well, analyze keywords and create product files. After the course, you will effectively promote products directly on the search engine.

YouTube campaigns

YouTube reaches more than 24.6 million (91%!) Internet users in Poland. Why do I bring this up? I will teach you how to create ads on the world’s most popular video service.

YouTube is not just about short video ads before, during or after videos. I’ll also show you how to use banners, reach the right audience, and measure and optimize effectiveness. You too can run ads on YouTube, even if you don’t know it yet.

Contact me
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I have already worked

I have been active in Google Ads, SEO and e-commerce for almost 10 years. Now I share my knowledge and experience on the blog, on social media and in courses, audits and training sessions.


Green Stone Group
Ul. Zielna 16
78-600 Walcz
NIP: 765 167 92 32


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