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AI for text writing – does it pay off?

We have long heard that in X years many jobs will be eliminated because artificial intelligence will replace us. Nowadays, anyone who sits in content marketing has surely noticed that AI for text writing is being tested on an increasing scale. So are copywriters slowly becoming redundant? Or maybe not quite? If you prefer to bet on classic webwriting, contact me – I work with specialists who create content written by man for man.

What does it look like to create content with AI?

There are different tools to choose from, of course, but basically everything is based on the same principle, that is, you choose the type of text, provide a topic and keywords, and AI creates the content. Most such tools are available in English, but can generate content in Polish – unfortunately, grammatical calques and other errors appear, because AI does not focus on information from the Polish Internet. So it happens that in the content you will find mentions of the federal government or the temperature given in Fahrenheit.

I tested the AI text generator –
Jasper AI
. There are really quite a few types of texts to choose from, you can generate blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, headlines or even YouTube video descriptions, among others. In addition, Jasper can be used, as a private assistant and simply give him instructions on what content to create.

One of the most important uses an AI copywriter should have is the ability to replace humans in repetitive tasks, such as creating short, simple articles for external linking. Here you can use, among other things. Start from scratch option, where you enter a brief description of the text, keywords, choose the desired tone of communication with the recipient, language and length of the content:

AI for text writing basic functions

You can also choose the Blog post workflow option, as in my opinion this feature has been rather hyped: it is rather difficult here to have a real, engaging blog article in which you provide reliable information. The plus side is that you can provide your own title or ask Jasper for suggestions if you lack inspiration.

AI to write text blog post

The third option is a one-shot blog post. A plus is certainly the logical division of the text into introduction, development and conclusion. The downside is the lack of control over length: it happens that the AI copywriter generates a very short text, which is difficult to use even as a pretzel.

AI for text writing blog article

The greatest control comes with the Paragraph generator option, because here you create text paragraph by paragraph. Each time you choose what the next paragraph should be about and what keyword it should contain. This is one of the best ways to pull meaningful content from the AI text generator, but unfortunately it requires a lot of human involvement, although I admit it speeds up the work.

AI to write text paragraphs

How much does an AI copywriter cost?

GPT Chat has recently become a hit, primarily because it is free. Of course, high interest comes at a price – Chat is quite often overloaded and it is impossible to use it for free. The formula here is very simple, you type in the command and the AI to write the text generates the content. Of course, the tool is best optimized for English, but if you type a command in Polish – it will probably generate text in our language, although probably less elaborate and the AI text generator will need more time to create it. ChatGPT also has an upgraded, paid version that costs $20 per month: here you gain access to AI for text writing, even when its workload is high, plus texts are produced faster.

AI for text writing free generator

The price depends on the number of words you want to generate per month. In the case of Jasper, the cheapest option is $49 per month – at this price you get 50,000 words. If you want to try AI for text writing first, you can take advantage of the trial period – for 5 days you have 10,000 words at your disposal. For really high word limits (as high as 700,000) or plans for businesses (access for more than 5 users), individual pricing is available, with costs here starting at $500 per month.

How does this compare to a traditional copywriter? Of course, the price lists of freelancers vary a lot, so I will take into account
exchanges for copywriters
. We can assume that 50,000 words is approx. 375,000 characters with spaces. At
Good Content marketplace
for an order for preclassified articles of this total length, you will pay a minimum of 1,500 zloty gross, Jasper in conversion costs approx. 219 zloty per month. The price difference is huge, but how about the quality?

Is it possible to replace a copywriter with a text generator?

Unfortunately, using the AI text generator is not as rosy as it might seem. When you outsource content to a copywriter, you just need to make sure it meets your expectations. AI texts are very rarely usable as soon as they are generated, you need to spend a lot of time to correct repetitions, calques from foreign languages or factual errors. Of course, AI for text writing is a tool that can speed up a copywriter’s work, but for the time being, a human is essential to make content publishable. The quality of AI-generated texts is still uneven: some, with minor adjustments, can replace those written by a copywriter, while others unfortunately resemble gibberish devoid of logical sense.

The conclusion? For the time being, it is impossible to completely replace a live copywriter with artificial intelligence. Of course, AI has the advantage of using machine learning, so such tools will get better every year. In the real future, they are likely to replace SEO copywriters who create repetitive texts whose sole purpose is to optimize the site or gain external links. AI is simply faster and cheaper than humans here. When it comes to more sales-oriented, creative texts, copywriters can probably remain quiet for a long time to come: after all, AI does not surprise, but draws on content that is already on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence is not everything, especially if you want to optimize your site for SEO. Do you lack a consistent step-by-step SEO strategy? Get back to me or sign up for my newsletter – I’ll suggest what to do next.

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