By Zieliński Jerzy

Exclusions in Performance Max

Performance Max is a very attractive type of Google Ads campaign. However, if you are one of those advertisers who want to have everything under control, Performance Max may be a tough nut to crack for you. We come to the rescue – today we settle the issue of adding exclusionary words.

Exclusionary words in Performance Max

By design, Performance Max campaign algorithms themselves eliminate those keyword phrases that negatively affect campaign quality and conversion rates. Moreover, Google Support warns against overly narrow ad targeting: Exclusions can be helpful if you have brand safety concerns. However, too many exclusions may limit or even prevent the display of ads. Unlike standard Google search results and product (PLA) campaigns, Performance Max does not provide the ability to add exclusion words from the Google Ads panel. However, there is another option, which you will learn about in the video below.

What do you gain by adding exclusionary words in Performance Max?

  • you will save your budget,
  • You will direct advertising more precisely,
  • You will increase the conversion rate.

The benefits are definitely worth the effort it takes to use exclusionary keywords. Stay tuned to our channel and you will gain more tips on how to improve your Google Ads campaigns!

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