By Zieliński Jerzy

Types of YouTube Google Ads

The advertising potential of YouTube shocks with its possibilities. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies are consciously choosing this channel as a place to promote their business. It actually works, especially with Google Ads on YouTube. You can choose among several types of advertising and various forms of billing. In this text you will find information about what exactly Google Ads video offers and how to use this offer to achieve your own business goals.

In-Stream video ads skippable

The user decides whether to see your ad to the end. The video can be skipped after 5 seconds, the minimum length of the material is 12 sec, and the maximum is as long as 3 min – Google advises not to exceed this length. How much you will pay for such an ad depends on the rate-setting strategy you choose. With CVP billing, payment is taken when the user views 30 seconds of the video. In-Stream skippable ads work well for showcasing products and services. You show to customers and pay only when they see the video to the end.

In-Stream video ads impossible to miss

The user will see the ad before the video he wanted to view. This type of advertising cannot be ignored, so Google recommends that the video should be no longer than 15 sec. In-Stream ads impossible to miss are covered by the CPM rate setting strategy – you will pay for each ad display. It works well for brand promotion and branding.

Promotional bumpers

The user cannot skip this type of advertisement, and will see it before the video of their choice is shown. Bumper is a short film format, up to 6 seconds. It is turned on when In-Stream ads possible and impossible to skip are not available.

Advertising overlays

This is an image or text that will appear while watching a video, in the lower area of the window, occupying 20% of its area. The ability to display this type of advertising is only available on computers. It works well for product and service presentations.

Masthead banner ads

This video advertising format stands out for having the greatest reach among users. Google reports that you can reach up to a million recipients in the course of a single day. However, you won’t make this ad through the publicly available Google Ads panel, you have to order it from a Google representative. Such a video ad is displayed in its entirety on the YouTube homepage or at the top of the YouTube app on TVs and mobile devices. Its advantages are the promotion of the brand and products in a highly visible place and the possibility of reaching a very wide audience.

Google Ads on YouTube – benefits

It is worth remembering that Video Google Ads is another of Google’s ads, effective as much as other Google advertising systems. Effective when done right. Customers appreciate it for its ease in achieving the marketing and business goals set, measurability of results, and great control over the course of the advertising campaign. For me, Google Ads on YouTube is all about unlimited ad targeting, fostering sensational results.

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