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Are you launching a new product? Demand Gen campaigns

Google Ads is making changes on an ongoing basis – Demand Gen campaigns will begin to be available in October. Starting in November, Discovery campaigns will be updated, so you will gain access to demand generation-oriented ads with more features than the classic

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Google Ads Demand Gen: what is it?

Google Ads Demand Gen (Demand Generation) campaigns are an advertising strategy that aims to create demand for products or services by spreading information about them online. This is, in other words, the process of creating awareness of a brand and its offerings among potential customers. Demand Gen campaigns focus on the first stage of the sales funnel, which includes the awareness phase.

What components will be useful in a Demand Generation campaign?

Demand Generation campaigns will feature 3 types of ads:

  • Video ads (with a single video),
  • Graphic ads (with a single image),
  • Carousel ads (with more images that display in carousel form).

Ads can appear on YouTube (including YouTube Shorts), Discover tabs and Gmail. For components, specific
dimensions of banners
or logos, so if you need graphic support, please contact me.

demand gen graphic advertising mobile
demand gen desktop graphic advertising

What is worth knowing about Demand Gen campaigns?

As with any other campaign, it’s hard to expect results to show up immediately, especially since in Demand Gen you want to target users who are at the early stages of the sales funnel. So it’s worth giving your campaign time to learn so that you can then optimize it on an ongoing basis and improve its effectiveness.

Even at this stage, I have a few tips for people who are thinking about launching a demand generation campaign:

  • If you choose a daily budget, it’s a good idea to set 15 times your expected average daily to start with
  • In Demand Gen campaigns you are looking for a target audience for your products and services, so it makes sense to use Google Ads Experiments.
  • It’s a good idea to use a Target CPA or Maximize Conversion Number strategy.
  • According to Google data, YouTube is used to find information about new products and brands, up to 2 times more often than other platforms.
demand gen advertising carousel mobile
demand gen advertising carousel desktop

Marketing Demand Gen: the most common mistakes

  1. No testing or optimization: marketing Demand Gen is a continuous improvement process. No A/B testing and lack of campaign optimization can result in wasted ad potential.
  2. Inappropriate landing page: if the landing page does not provide valuable information or is unintuitive, users may choose not to interact, reducing the effectiveness of the campaign. It often pays to start by creating a website.
  3. Lack of performance monitoring: one of the biggest mistakes is the lack of regular performance monitoring. Without data analysis, it is difficult to adjust strategy and avoid making the same mistakes. Of course, it is time-consuming and requires experience, so many people have difficulty with it.
  4. Mismatched budget: an inadequate budget can lead to low campaign effectiveness. It is important to align the budget with the goals of the campaign and the capabilities of the competition. Selecting a budget requires experience, why it often pays to outsource to a Google Ads specialist.
  5. Lack of appropriate tools: today’s Demand Gen marketing requires the use of various tools for data analysis, automation and performance tracking. If you have problems with GA4, please contact me!

Want to comprehensively promote your product or service and find people to join your customer base? Launching and optimizing a Google Ads Demand Gen campaign takes time and experience, so leave it to the professionals. I work with Google Ads specialists, SEO, web developers, copywriters and graphic designers: if you are looking for a dedicated team to embrace your campaigns, contact me!

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