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Google Discover a SEO and Ads

Google Discover is a tool that allows users to view personalized content on their Google homepage. Images, videos or articles can appear there, tailored to the user’s interests. What is the significance of Discover Google for marketers? It can be useful for both SEO and Google Ads. From this article you will learn how.

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Google Discover in SEO

When it comes to SEO, Google Discover can help increase the reach of your website content. Unlike search results, Google Discover does not require the user to type in a specific keyword to find relevant content. Instead, Google’s Discover tab uses machine learning algorithms to identify topics that interest users and then displays relevant content to them based on their preferences. Therefore, if your content is created with a specific target audience in mind (e.g., residents of a particular city, young moms, singles, etc.), it can appear on the Discover tab and attract more traffic to your site.

In order for your content to appear on Google Discover, it must meet several requirements. First, it should be interesting and useful to users. Google uses signals such as CTR, time spent on page and rejection rate to determine whether content is valuable to users.

Second, the site must be optimized for loading speed and responsiveness, as users expect fast loading. Finally, the content must be easy to read and understand, taking into account formatting and supplementing the text with images and video.

When matching content to interests, Google takes into account marital status, having children, age, gender or language skills, among other factors. As you can see, the results may display partly in Polish and partly in English, if you use that language when browsing the Internet:

google discover Polish and English

Google Discover in Google Ads

The second option is to create Google Discover Ads, because just like in search results, ads appear between organic results. By personalizing the content, they are more effective in reaching the right target audience.

google discover ads

To take advantage of the Discover card’s capabilities, you need to create a
Discovery advertising campaign
. You can then select the interest categories, topics and keywords you want to target so that your ads are shown to relevant users. You can also customize your ads in different formats, such as images, videos, carousels, etc.

Discovery’s ads display not only in this tab, but also on the YouTube homepage, the Worth Watching section, and the Offers and Communities tabs in Gmail. Of course, like all other Ads must meet Google’s requirements. That is, advertising cannot refer to:

  • Regulated goods (alcohol, weapons, tobacco, cash prizes, etc.),
  • Sexual content,
  • Invasive medical procedures,
  • Negative events (e.g. divorce, death, accident, injury, natural disasters, bankruptcy, etc.). – With restrictions, however, it is possible to advertise insurance and other such services, as long as they are presented in a positive way,
  • Addictions and their treatment,
  • Content that evokes negative reactions (e.g., the sight of bereaved people),
  • Content inciting discrimination,
  • Dating sites (especially segregating by age, background, etc.),
  • Misleading content (e.g., a button that cannot be clicked),
  • Misleading texts,
  • Low-quality graphics.

It is worth remembering that Google Discover is a relatively new tool that is still evolving and may produce different results for different industries and websites. However, given its potential, it is worth investing time and resources in researching and experimenting with the Google Discover card to achieve better marketing results.

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