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How to run A/B tests in Google Ads – strategies for effective testing

A/B testing in Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to improve ad performance. With them, you can see which ads are better at attracting customers’ attention or resulting in higher conversions. In this article, I outline the steps for conducting an A/B test in Google Ads.

What is A/B testing and what is it used for?

A/B testing in online marketing allows you to compare two variations of an ad or website to see which version attracts more user attention or leads to more conversions. A/B testing is widely used in many areas of online marketing, including advertising campaigns, websites and newsletters.

A/B testing allows you to accurately measure and compare results, so you can quickly and effectively determine which elements of your ad or website need to be changed to improve its effectiveness. They also allow you to precisely determine the impact of individual elements on the results of a marketing campaign, making it possible to
Google Ads campaign optimization
and increase the effectiveness of marketing activities.

In practice, A/B testing in Google Ads can involve comparing two ad variants that differ in one element, such as the ad title, image or CTA button. The next step is to compare results, such as click-through rate (CTR) or conversion rate. This allows you to determine which version of the ad is producing better results and make changes to achieve even better results.

How to conduct A/B testing in Google Ads?

A/B testing is an extremely effective method for improving the effectiveness of marketing activities, and its regular use allows you to continuously improve your strategy and achieve better results. Here are the steps that will get you there.

Define the purpose of the A/B test

Before A/B testing, you need to determine exactly what you want to achieve. Whether it’s to increase the number of ad clicks, improve the rate of
, or is it about higher conversions? It is important that the goal be precise and measurable.

Select items for testing

The next step is to select the items you want to test. This can include ad titles, descriptions, images, and even the colors of CTA buttons. It is important to test only one item in a given test, because otherwise you will not be able to determine which changes affected the results.

Create ad copies

After selecting items for testing, create ad copies. In this step, it is worth remembering that each ad is exactly the same, except for the element that is tested. This will allow us to accurately compare the results.

Set the test conditions

The next important step is to determine the conditions of the test. You need to decide how long you will run the test, how much ad copy you will test, what audience groups will participate in the test. In Google Ads, we can choose whether we want to run an even test (equal distribution of ad impressions) or an uneven test (more ad impressions with the new version).

Analyze the results

Once the A/B test is completed, the results should be carefully analyzed.

Why is it important to conduct A/B testing in Google Ads?

Running A/B tests in Google Ads is very valuable for several reasons.

First, A/B testing allows you to determine precisely which ads work best. This allows us to optimize our advertising campaigns and increase the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. A/B testing allows you to compare two variants of an ad and determine exactly which version works better.

Second, A/B testing allows you to increase your conversion rate
. By testing different elements of an ad, such as the title, description or image, we can determine exactly which of these elements attracts more attention from users and leads to increased conversions. This allows us to make changes to our advertising campaigns and increase the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Third, A/B testing in Google Ads allows better use of the advertising budget. By testing different advertising elements, we can determine which one works best and focus our resources on the most effective elements. This allows us to use our advertising budget more effectively and increase our profits.

It’s also worth remembering that A/B testing is easy to do in Google Ads. The system offers A/B testing tools that make it easy to compare results and determine exactly which versions of an ad work best.


A/B testing in Google Ads is an extremely effective method for improving ad performance. However, it is important to carefully define the purpose of the test, select the items to be tested, create ad copies, set the test conditions and carefully analyze the results.

Conducting A/B testing in Google Ads is valuable for many reasons. This allows you to pinpoint which ads work best, increase conversion rates and make better use of your advertising budget. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly conduct A/B testing in our advertising campaigns and continuously improve our marketing strategies.

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