By Zieliński Jerzy

The impact of a company blog on SEO

I have already argued – hopefully successfully – about the worth of having a company blog
in this entry
. The image and marketing benefits of having a company blog are indisputable. Now it is time to touch on another important issue – and that is the impact of a company blog on SEO.

What is the impact of a company blog on SEO?

For SEO, the content on a website is of great importance. That’s why a blog, especially one that is updated regularly, is an invaluable source of SEO-supporting content. A more detailed impact of a company blog on SEO is defined by the following elements:

Blog affects SEO potential

It is content that search engine algorithm robots feed on, and it is good content that Google wants to show in search results. All you need to do is to be substantive about the issues in your industry, and you will naturally create content that will increase the effectiveness of your SEO.

Blog is fresh content – appreciated by Google

Regularly updating and publishing new content lets the algorithms know that the site is alive and can be of value to users.

Blog allows natural positioning of long tail phrases

Long tail or keyword phrases made up of several words and usually related to a narrowed, specified topic are often a source of very valuable traffic to the site. These are users who search on Google for elaborate phrases often phrased in the form of a question have a specific problem to solve or are looking for very specific services or products. This is exactly the sensational concept that you should use when choosing the issues described in the company’s blog.

Blog aids in gaining links to the site

Creating content that engages users, encourages them to talk about a topic and paste links to your blog in their comments and social channels is a great way of valuable
link building


A company blog will be your ally in building high positions in Google search. Don’t you want to run it yourself? Take advantage of my help – you are welcome.

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