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Link building SEO – 7 ways to get good external links

The concept of link building SEO is a daily occurrence for any SEO specialist, but if you are just starting out in SEO you may not yet know the power of it. It is very important, because the position of your site in the search engine depends on it. Not only that, of course, but external links are a very important factor in ranking a site. I want to familiarize you with this issue. In the article you will read about what link building is, its importance and how to do it well. I invite you to read!

What is link building and why is it important?

This is one of the elements of off-site SEO activities. Link building is the acquisition of links from external sources to lead to the domain of our, positioned site. Links from external sites such as industry portals and thematic blogs become support for our domain, they convey their power to it, and this positively affects the position of our site. However, you need to keep in mind that it is very important which sites you acquire links from, as this determines their quality. Only good quality external links are valuable. Those that Google considers spammy, unrelated to our site’s subject matter, can harm the domain and even lower its position in search results.

Link building SEO – ways to acquire links

There are many ways to acquire links, unfortunately, due to the old days, before the many changes in Google’s algorithms, acquiring external links can have a bad connotation, because it is equated with such SEO activities that can end up lowering the site in Google’s search results. However, Nowadays, there are many opportunities to safely acquire external links from sources that, by virtue of their content and quality, are also very attractive and valuable to Google. Therefore, you can approach this topic calmly and with full confidence. However, remember that everything depends on professionalism and determination to verify valuable links.

Ways to acquire external links:

  • Sponsored articles are perhaps the easiest way to do valuable link building SEO. You can buy a sponsored article using the WhitePress platform, which facilitates contact between owners of positioned sites and publishers of articles on valuable portals.
  • Private Blog Networks, or PBNs, which I have already written about in a blog article. Links from valuable and solidly prepared back-end pages are a very good support for SEO.
  • Create valuable content on the company/your own blog – if the content is of real value to users you have a good chance that they will recommend your articles by publishing them on their sites, blogs or social networks. This method is very labor- and time-consuming, and unfortunately it is difficult to assume its effectiveness within a certain time frame. However, it is worth doing so, because you will definitely gain authority among customers and can count on the perception of your company-brand as an expert in the industry, and this is very valuable.
  • Taking advantage of mentions of the company, products and services that appear on the Web. Perhaps they appear in sites that are valuable and it would be profitable to acquire linking from them. Just ask to complete the link under the statement about your business.
  • Benefiting from events in which the company participates – sponsoring an industry event, participating in an exhibition, trade show or conference is an opportunity for a link to your site to appear on prominent sites, whether events or other companies.
  • Social networks – although links from social media do not directly affect the position of pages in Google, they certainly have potential that is worth exploiting. Therefore, be sure to post a link to your company website on your Facebook or Twitter profile. By doing so, you increase the chance of attracting new customers and, indirectly, new links.
  • Guest posting, i.e., posting articles with links to your site on affiliate blogs – not from your competitors, of course, but preferably from businesses that relate to your industry and website topic.

External links – summary

One thing is certain – you need to look at link building as a long-term process. Only by systematically building a link profile that is natural will it also be valuable. If you don’t have the patience and time for this – use an expert background. Get back to me – I can help!

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