By Zieliński Jerzy

Company blog – why and how to maintain it?

There are trends that are better to let go of, but there are also some that are worth following. Such is the case with an element that is already hosted on many business websites today. A company blog – as it is referred to – is something that every business acquiring customers from the web, as well as from search engines, needs. Most business owners, especially in these more narrow industries, are asking themselves – does it make sense to have a company blog? And finally: how to run a company blog? In the following text, I answer these most popular questions.

Running a company blog – does it make sense?

If you are one of the skeptics, and despite the raging fashion for blogs, you wonder whether running a company blog is worth the effort – read about the strong arguments for investing in this type of activity.

A company blog makes you closer to your customers

Regularly creating content about the industry, but most importantly about your business – your offerings, news, events in the life of your company – results in customers having a chance to get to know you better and become more familiar with your brand.

The blog attracts Web users who are interested in your industry

They are your future potential customers. What’s important: it applies to all industries! Whether you sell dresses or manufacture millions worth of specialized machine tools, there is bound to be an audience interested in this very topic.

Use the blog to tell the story of your brand

This is one of the activities that helps to establish a stronger foothold in the industry and gain the trust of customers – the audience. Knowing your company and its history, they will feel a stronger connection to the brand. This will certainly pay off in the near or distant future.

A company blog is an important image-building element

By publishing educational content, sharing your expertise and business successes, you provide your users with incentives to remember you and your company as experts in the industry. This is an invaluable thing that allows you to stand out from the competition, emphasizes credibility and professionalism.

Blog helps solve customer problems

When describing the use of your products or services, you can explain to customers their use and the benefits of using them. This is very useful, especially in the context of beating down customer objections, dispelling their doubts.

A blog is a great base for further marketing efforts

Valuable and substantive blog posts can be used in a number of ways – as a basis for content marketing campaigns, as part of a newsletter or for publication on social media channels. Each of the elements mentioned not only serves to build a community around the brand, but also translates into an increased number of real customers.

To conclude the arguments for having a company blog, take a peek at the graphic created by the WhitePress platform. The infographic depicts the positive effects of having a corporate blog, which simply cannot be debated – they must be acknowledged and inspired.

How to run a company blog?

There are plenty of recipes for running a corporate blog. From my perspective – what matters is the regularity of publication and honesty in articles. Customers sense which texts they can trust.

Are you afraid of running out of content ideas? The possibilities are endless, here are my suggestions:

  • Answer the most common customer questions,
  • Describe ways to use your products,
  • present past realizations,
  • Announce new products on offer,
  • talk about events in the life of the company,
  • Make reference to industry events,
  • Comment on publications from industry portals.

Something else is needed to create an engaging blog – the last element is time, which is necessary to create valuable material. If you assess that this is what you may be missing, it is worthwhile to outsource your blog or buy articles from third-party writers. Just for example, through the WhitePress platform.


No matter what industry you are in – you should have a company blog. However, keep in mind that it makes sense to have one first and foremost if there are valuable posts on it regularly. Regularity will gain you the attention and engagement of your readers, while expertise in the field will bring you customers – which is the point, after all. Having a blog also has a huge impact on
, but that’s a topic for a separate article. If you need blogging support – I can help!

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