By Zieliński Jerzy

SEO 2024: what’s in store for us?

The SEO industry continues to change, and the prevalence of artificial intelligence is only accelerating the changes. What to expect from SEO 2024? We will not 100% predict it, but today I will share my ideas.

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1. the dominance of artificial intelligence in search algorithms

Implementing tools based on
, such as Google Bard, has become a key part of Google’s strategy. This enables search engines to efficiently analyze vast amounts of data, which in turn improves understanding of user intent, context and nuances of language. The new era of AI-based algorithms is resulting in a more sophisticated understanding of content and increased precision in search results. So we can expect that Chat GPT is just the beginning, and language models will only become more and more advanced. The key value for search engines , however, remains the quality and relevance of content, whether created by humans or artificial intelligence.

seo 2024 ai

2. fighting spam with artificial intelligence

Google has introduced an innovative AI-based spam detection system known as SpamBrain. It allows the search engine to effectively identify and penalize irrelevant or low-quality content. The use of AI in the fight against spam results in higher and higher quality search results, focusing on valuable information.

3. user behavior as a key criterion

Google is placing increasing emphasis on metrics related to user behavior. Factors such as dwell time, rejection rate and number of pages visited have become key elements in assessing content quality. High-quality content that meets user expectations and generates positive engagement contributes to better search engine rankings.

4. user experience (UX) optimization as a priority

SEO and UX are closely related, there is even talk of such a term as SXO. We should not only optimize content for algorithms, but also focus on responsiveness, loading speed, intuitive navigation and clear call-to-action elements. An effective combination of SEO and
contributes to a better user experience and, consequently, greater visibility.

5. E-E-A-T (Experience – Expertise – Authority – Trust), or experience, expertise, authenticity, trust

We have long been familiar with the
EAT standard
, which means expertise, authenticity and trust. Today, however, the term is increasingly being used: EEAT, adding experience to the standards. This underscores the importance of the recipient’s experience. Building expertise, authority and trust, while ensuring a high-quality user experience, has become crucial. It is worth taking care of the readability of the text, because it is not only the content that matters, but also the form.

6 New link building context

Link acquisition is still an important part of SEO strategy, but we should not forget that quality>quantity. Using AI allows for more advanced contextual understanding and spam detection.
Link building
is now aimed at acquiring high-quality, relevant links. So if an SEO specialist wants to convince you with the number of links you buy per month, you’d better be careful.

7. the rise of technical SEO

Technical SEO
is gaining in importance. Google’s increasingly sophisticated understanding and interpretation of websites, coupled with a focus on UX, make technical optimizations key when it comes to SEO trends 2024. Sites that offer an optimal user experience are better indexed and get higher rankings in search results.

8. content quality factors under the magnifying glass of advanced AI algorithms

The introduction of advanced AI algorithms allows Google to assess the quality of content in a more sophisticated and human-reading-like manner. Algorithms analyze grammar, coherence, thematic relevance and readability. The increasing emphasis on data analysis and personalization of search results is shaping the criteria for quality content.

9. strategic approach to content indexing

Google has taken a more selective approach to indexing content, taking into account factors such as user demand, content quality and relevance. SEO professionals need a balanced content strategy, ensuring quality and relevance to adapt to search engines’ changing approach to indexing.

To succeed in the world of SEO in 2024, it is essential to adapt to changing algorithms and trends. SEO professionals should not only stay in line with the basic principles of optimization, but also be open to new technologies, strategies and long-term efforts.

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