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One page or multi page? What to choose?

Nowadays, creating a website requires many decisions. One important choice is the decision between a one-page site and a multi-page site. Which choice is better? What is worth considering before making a decision?

Advantages and disadvantages of one page

A one page site is characterized by putting all the content on one web page. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with this approach.

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Advantages of one page

The first advantage of the one page site is the simplicity of navigation. Users can easily scroll down the page and find the information they need. The menu is an extra help here to get you to the right place on the page right away.

The one page site also has the advantage of focusing on a single topic. By putting all the information on one page, you can ensure consistency and unity of content. Users don’t have to switch between sub-pages, which makes it easier to absorb information and faster to find out what they need.

Another benefit is faster page load time. Instead of loading multiple subpages, users only have to wait once, which speeds up access to content. This is especially important on mobile devices, where fast loading is crucial so that customers don’t abandon the site.

Disadvantages of one page

Unfortunately, the one page site also has some disadvantages. One of them is the lack of a clear division into subpages, since everything is based on sections. When all the information is placed on a single page, it can be difficult to find a specific section, especially if the site template is not fully polished.

Another disadvantage is the difficulty for search engines to index the site. Since all the content is on one page, it can be harder for a search engine to read and index all the information. This can affect the effects of
and visibility of the site in search results.

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Advantages and disadvantages of multi page

Turning now to the multi-page type, it is worth discussing both the advantages and disadvantages of this choice.

Advantages of multi page

One of the main advantages of a multi-page site is better organization of content. By dividing it into different pages, it is easier to group information thematically and make it easier for users to navigate. This is especially useful if the site has many sections or a large amount of content.

Another advantage is the possibility of SEO optimization for each subpage. In the case of a one page site, all the content is focused on a single URL, which can make it difficult to optimize for different keywords. On the other hand, for a multi-page site, you can customize the
and content for each sub-page, which positively affects the position in search results.

Disadvantages of multi page

Although a multi-page site has many advantages, some disadvantages must also be considered. One is the potentially longer charging time. Switching between pages may require additional loading time, especially if the page contains a lot of graphics or complex elements.

Another drawback is the need to navigate between sites. Users need to actively click on menus or internal links to move between different pages, which requires the right template and information architecture to be intuitive. In the case of one page, simply scroll the page.

When to choose one page?

One page has its uses in certain cases. Here are some situations in which you should consider choosing a one page site:

  • Simple information pages: If you need a simple way to present information and there is no need to divide it into multiple sections, a one page site will work.
  • Landing page: One page works well as a landing page, where the goal is to focus users’ attention on a single product or offer.
  • Presentations of products or services: If you want to present specific products or services in a well-thought-out layout, a one-page site will suffice.

When to choose a multi page?

A multi-page site may be more appropriate in other cases. Here are some situations in which you should consider choosing a multi-page site:

  • Large pages with multiple sections: If you’re designing a site with multiple sections or pages, a multi-page site will make organization and navigation easier for users.
  • Online stores: For online stores where there are multiple categories and products, a multi-page site may be a better choice, allowing you to easily navigate through the different sections of your store.
  • Blogs and articles: If you’re creating a blog or publishing articles, a multi-page site gives you the ability to organize your content into separate posts or pages for easy management and SEO optimization.

The choice between a one page site and a multi page site depends on the purpose and type of site you want to create. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering. A one page site may be suitable for simple information pages, landing pages and product presentations, while a multi page site works better for larger sites with multiple sections, online stores or blogs.

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