By Zieliński Jerzy

How to use WhitePress?

WhitePress is a platform for creating and publishing sponsored content on various websites. It is worth choosing the right portals to achieve the desired goals in an advertising campaign. In this guide, I have gathered practical tips on how to choose the best possible portal in WhitePress.

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1.Define the goal

The most important thing is to determine the available budget and the goal you want to achieve. Is it simply to increase website traffic, increase sales, build brand image or expert image? Defining your goal will help you choose the right portals and determine how much it pays to spend.

2.Identify the target group

The next step is to determine the target audience to which the campaign will be directed. It is worth considering the age, gender, education, interests and preferences of the consumers who make up the target group. Based on this, you can choose the portals that are most relevant to the needs and expectations of your target audience.

3.Check the popularity of the portal

The next step is to check the popularity of the selected portals. For this purpose, you can use tools such as Google Analytics to learn about visitor statistics and other metrics related to portal traffic. In the WhitePress dashboard, you can check such metrics as:

  • Description, subject category, comments, type of service, keywords (provided by the publisher and collected by editors).
  • SEO and site traffic indicators (technical analysis, monthly site traffic, e.g.
    , Trust Flow, etc.).
  • SemStorm chart (portal visibility on Google).
  • Offer, price and description (terms and conditions of placing your text on the portal, often one portal offers several different offers, so it is worth reading carefully).
  • Traffic, tracking and history (evaluating the popularity of the portal and the effectiveness of the texts published on it, the WhitePress tracking code evaluates the popularity of texts based on historical data).
  • Substantive and technical evaluation (evaluation is carried out by WhitePress editors).
  • URL (of course, the final decision is always yours, so it is worth visiting the portal in person.
whitepress assessment of portals

4.Evaluate the quality of the facilities

An important step is to assess the quality of content published on selected portals.
Link building
is now more focused on quality rather than quantity, so it is better not to be guided solely by a low price. There are a wide variety of portals available on WhitePress, including prestigious ones. In the case of well-known sites, such as, very often a publication can be promoted on the homepage, but temporarily, for example, for one day.

5.Texts and graphics

On some portals you can buy a text writing service, on others – only ready-made content is accepted. The latter option is more popular anyway, because you have more control over the text – you write it yourself or have it created according to your own guidelines. Some portals also require at least one photo.

whitepress sample backend

6.Type of link

The penultimate point, but very important! You will not publish a text with any links on every portal. With link building, of course, we care about do-follow links, i.e. those that convey power to your site. Buying a no-follow link can pay off on a very popular site if you publish the text on the homepage and bring a lot of traffic to the site. Also pay attention to whether URL links (e.g., anchors related to the products, services you offer) and brand links (the anchor is simply the name of your company or website) can be published on the portal.

7.Relationships with portals

If you buy large amounts of links, especially for different domains, it is worth building relationships with the administration of portals with good technical parameters and high traffic. It’s obvious that WhitePress also needs to make money from link sales, so if you email the portal’s editors directly, it’s possible that they may be able to offer you a more attractive deal.

Choosing the right background is the key to link building success. If you do not have time to plan linking and prepare content – call or write, I will respond as soon as possible.

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