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What is Domain Rating and how to rate them?

For effective SEO is essential.
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, but how do you judge which domain is trustworthy? One of the parameters to consider is Domain Rating, or domain rating. What does the DR depend on and how to interpret it?

What is Domain Rating?

DR is an interesting indicator because it was introduced not by Google, but by the Ahrefs tool. Domain Rating is used to evaluate the number and quality of external links leading to a site. It is easy to interpret because the domain is rated numerically on a scale of 0 to 100.

Remember that Domain Rating is quite subjective and does not mean that it is 100% how Google rates a site. However, this does not change the fact that if you are looking for a site where you want to buy a link to your domain, it is worth paying attention to the DR.

How to evaluate DR?

You can do a quick assessment in a nutshell right now on the Ahrefs website. Domain Rating is presented here in the Website Authority Checker section in the form of a simple chart:

domain rating 1

Backlinks are the number of links you have acquired for your site. Ahrefs also shows the number of sites linking to your domain.

In addition to this, it is possible to approach the so-called. Broken, non-functioning links in Broken Link Checker:

domain rating 2

They are divided into links placed on your site and those in the second column of links leading to your domain.

If the DR is 0, it means that there are no or very few and low-quality links leading to the site. The higher the Domain Rating, the stronger the site’s link profile compared to others in Ahrefs’ database.

Link juice a DR

However, it is worth remembering that the SEO power (aka link juice) of a site, i.e. the value it conveys to the sites it links to, is not solely dependent on DR. Of course, the larger the DR, the more power the site conveys to the linked sites. The power also depends on the number of sites linked by the domain. We often find that it is better to buy a link on a site with a lower DR, linking to a few domains, than on a site with a very high DR, which links to several hundred.

Link juice is not solely dependent on the DR. It is also influenced by the authority of the domain (position in search results, traffic) or the number of links on a particular subpage. It is worth considering that SEO power grows not only through external links, but also internal links – directing power to specific subpages. High DR does not guarantee high traffic, domains with DR lower than 10, are rated as weak . The best way is to compare yourself to your direct competition. You don’t have to aim for a DR close to 100 – consider that the higher the Domain Rating, the more difficult it becomes to increase it further.

How to improve DR?

Domain Rating matters not only when you are positioning a site, but also, for example, when you are creating a
SEO background
and you want to encourage customers to buy articles right on your site.

First of all, Domain Rating only increases dofollow links, nofollow links are irrelevant here. So if you don’t want to transfer power to the site you are linking to on your site, always choose the nofollow attribute. The plus side is that when a site’s DR grows, so does the authority of all the domains it links to. Ahrefs does not provide a ready formula for Domain Rating, but we know that the number and quality of links are taken into account here. So to improve DR, you need to get links from trusted sites. If you use an SEO agency, it’s better to control what sites link to your domain anyway. Unfortunately, some contractors use dishonest SEO practices and acquire large amounts of low-quality links, and this takes a toll on your site’s authority in the long run.

Does your site have low DR? Not sure how to acquire links and how to create content in which to include them? Contact me, I will help you plan effective link building for your site and increase its authority in Google.

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