By Zieliński Jerzy

How to save Google Ads budget? 7 tips

No matter how big a marketing budget an advertiser has, it is always looking for ways to save money. This is normal in business and so is the case with Google Ads campaigns. You can save money here, and a lot of it. I present some proven ways to effectively manage your Google advertising budget. Interested? You are invited!

Google Ads budget – how to manage it?

  1. Plan your budget! Divide the Google Ads budget into monthly and daily.

In this way, you will maintain control over spending. Google Ads system will not exceed the cost you set. You will avoid the risk of clicking out your budget in a few days or weeks. What’s more, with this treatment, you’ll flexibly adjust the display of the ad to your capabilities – the availability of free appointments for services or the stock of promoted products.

  1. Look for opportunities! How about a coupon with extra campaign funds?

Google often organizes promotional campaigns in which new advertisers can take advantage of coupons. In practice, they usually mean an additional charge to your Google Ads account. Pure savings, because you multiply your funds to be spent on clicks without spending any additional money. The only downside is that promotional campaigns usually target new users and only apply to new Google Ads accounts. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on this topic to see what new things are coming from Google.

  1. Rely on data – especially when choosing keywords.

You may think that customers should look for products in a particular way, but it may also be quite different than you think. Therefore, it is mandatory, before launching a Google Ads campaign, verify the level of searchability of keywords, It determines how many customers can see your ad, and whether anyone will see it at all. Use tools: Google keyword planner, Senuto, Semstorm.

  1. Take care of the Quality Score!

It’s worth it, because the highest
Quality Score
means lower click-through rates and higher ad positions at the same time. The benefits themselves, which you will enjoy if you work out sufficiently valuable parameters for Google Ads campaigns. What do you need to achieve them? Match the content of the ad to the keywords used in the campaign, the appropriate quality of the landing page, and a high enough

  1. Use keyword exclusion.

You’ll save money because you’ ll get rid of empty clicks – from people just looking for information on a topic, for example. First of all, you will increase conversions. By acquiring more valuable shares performed by customers you will multiply your profits. Start by eliminating expressions with the terms “free” or “free”. You can read more about exclusionary keywords
in this article

  1. Bet on remarketing.

In this way, you can increase the effectiveness of your ads at a relatively low cost. By spending less you will get more valuable ad clicks, acquired from customers who have already visited your store or website.

  1. Get help.

If you still can’t or don’t have the time to take care of your Google Ads campaign then using the services of professionals will be a good option. Most likely, even paying for campaign support will save you money, because you will avoid factual errors and wasted time. A good Google Ads specialist will care about generating the best results for you, only then he will be useful in the long run.

Google Ads budget optimization – summary

There are many ways to rationally manage a Google Ads campaign. You should certainly look for solutions that work best for your specific industry and budget. There is no one recipe for everyone, but there are certainly ways that work quickly and effectively. Any Google Ads campaign has a chance of success, you just have to take care of it properly.

Get back to me – if you want to learn how to manage Google Ads campaigns or entrust someone to run them. I have been in the business for years, so you will gain effective help.

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