By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Ads quality score

A low Quality Score spends sleepless nights, especially for novice advertisers. Read this article to see that Google Ads quality score is nothing scary. On the contrary, with its help you will effectively refine your advertising campaign.

What does the Google Ads quality score depend on?

You probably already know that the quality score is all about seeing how your ad compares to those of your competitors. The score is expressed on a scale of 1 to 10, obviously the higher the better. The quality of the ads is evaluated at the level of each keyword.

Elements that affect the quality score:

  1. relevance of the ad – the degree to which the ad matches the keywords. Relevance is the answer to the question of whether a user typing a given query into a search engine will get an answer to that query by coming to your website;
  2. The quality of the landing page – that is, how useful and useful it is to the customer;
  3. predicted click-through rate – CTR, which is the amount of probability that a user will just click on your ad.

The factors that make up the quality factor show the direction in which effective Google Ads must go. You should take care of proper selection of keyword phrases, refine the content of ads and their targeting, and make sure that the landing page matches users’ tastes. Also important to the quality factor are the history of the account maintained, the occurrence of the keyword in the ad and on the landing page, and the geographic effectiveness of the ad.

Do Google Ads from scratch right!

To ensure a high quality factor, you need to do everything you can to ensure that a search engine user clicks right on your ad and arrives at a landing page where they get a precise answer to their query.

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