By Zieliński Jerzy

How to add exclusionary keyword lists?

In order to accurately target only users interested in your offer with your ad, you should take care to create keyword exclusion lists. They can be added for individual ad groups or the entire campaign. With our instructional video you will deal with this issue smoothly and seamlessly:

How to choose exclusionary keywords?

When choosing exclusionary keywords in Google Ads, write down all the phrases under which you do not want to display your ads. Examples? You run a psychological office – exclude free psychological consultations. You sell upholstered furniture that you produce yourself, exclude phrases with the term used. By using exclusionary keywords, you avoid displaying ads to users who are looking for free, used and cheap products or services, for example. If you do it right, you will increase the relevance of advertising and save budget.

Types of exclusionary matches

You can use three different types of matches when creating an exclusion list of keywords. You will learn about exact match, phrase match and approximate match and their importance for campaign effectiveness in the next video. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel!

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