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How to prepare a good landing page for a Google Ads campaign?

A landing page is a page that users go to after clicking on an ad in a Google Ads campaign. The goal of a landing page is to get users to perform a specific action, such as buying a product or filling out a form. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare a good landing page for a Google Ads campaign that will attract users’ attention and increase conversions.

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page whose purpose is to get users to perform a specific action, such as buying a product or filling out a form.
A landing page
should be constructed in a way that attracts users’ attention and focuses on the benefits of buying a particular product or service.

Why take care of the landing page?

Landing page is a key element of Google Ads campaign. A high quality landing page contributes to the effectiveness of the campaign and the number of conversions.

It is worth ensuring that the landing page is consistent with the ad, prompts users to take action and is easy to use.

Sales landing page – what should it look like?

A good sales landing page should consist of several elements. To begin with, it is worth evoking the emotions of users, for example, by presenting the problems faced by potential customers. Next, it should present the solution that our product or service offers. It’s also important to emphasize the benefits, because the customer buys to gain something, not simply to spend money.

The landing page should be easy to navigate, attract users’ attention and prompt them to perform a specific action, such as buying a product. It is also important to ensure consistency with the ad so that users have no doubt that they have come to the right site. So it is better to refrain from clickbait in the text of the ad. The CTR may increase, but users will quickly leave the landing page and will not convert.

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How to take care of UX on a landing page?

UX (user experience) is key when creating landing pages. The page should be intuitive and user-friendly. It is also important to ensure that the page loads quickly, that the colors and fonts are appropriate, and that the layout is easy to read. Good UX can help increase landing page effectiveness and boost conversions.

Page loading speed

Page loading speed is an important part of UX. The faster a page loads, the more likely users are to stay on it and perform a certain action. It is worth taking care to optimize the graphics and code of the site to speed up loading.

Appropriate colors and fonts

Colors and fonts are an important part of UX. They should fit the theme of the site and attract the attention of users. Colors can influence users’ emotions and prompt them to take action. Well-chosen fonts increase the readability of text and make the site more pleasing to the eye.

Clear page layout

A clear page layout is crucial for UX, without it there can be no positive user experience. The site should be easy to navigate and the information should be arranged in a logical way. It is worth ensuring that the most important information is placed at the top of the page and is easily accessible to users.

How to optimize a landing page?

Landing page optimization is a process that aims to increase conversions. It’s worth testing different landing page variations to see which one works best. It is also important to monitor the results and make changes that improve the effectiveness of the site.

A/B testing

A/B testing
is a method that involves comparing two different versions of a page. In one version, changes are made to, for example, the content or graphic layer, and then the results are compared. With A/B testing, you can see which version of the site works better and make improvements.

Monitoring of results

Monitoring results is a key part of landing page optimization. It’s worth checking on campaign performance, conversion rates and traffic sources. By monitoring the results, you can react quickly to problems and make changes that improve the effectiveness of the site.

The landing page is a key element of a Google Ads campaign, as it is where the user goes after clicking on an ad. It is therefore important to ensure consistency with advertising, skillful placement of the
s and optimization for UX.

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