By Zieliński Jerzy

How to make a landing page that is good?

Are you active in e-commerce? Probably sooner or later you will ask yourself: how to make a landing page? I explain the issue and suggest some ready-made solutions. From this article you will learn what a landing page is and what elements it must contain to make it work for sales.

Landing page – what is it?

Let me start by answering the basic question: what is a landing page? A landing page is literally a landing page, or less accurately, but more in line with business aspirations – a landing page that a customer is supposed to go to after clicking on an ad or a link, for example, sent in a newsletter. A landing page usually has a clearly defined purpose, most often to enable quick sales. There is no single recipe for an effective landing page, but there are a few best practices and fixed elements you should take care of to increase your chance of conversion.

Benefits of using a landing page

Landing pages are increasingly used in online marketing, primarily because they are effective. Read about what you will gain by investing your time and money in creating landing pages:

  • an effective marketing tool that does not require a huge investment – a landing page can be made for as little as a few hundred zlotys;
  • gaining valuable traffic – customers moving from a landing page to a product subpage, for example, are often more engaged and more strongly determined to buy;
  • control over the user’s purchase path, as a landing page can help you bypass any distractions and lead the customer straight to the action you want;
  • the possibility of significantly reducing the cost of clicks in Google Ads campaigns – because the landing page for a specific product or service is usually more valuable, developed for a specific keyword phrase, which has a positive impact on the quality score of the campaign and translates into lower costs of acquiring each click;
  • The opportunity to gain additional placement in Google search results;
  • Help with the positioning of the main page of your business.

How to make a landing page – checklist

The following tips apply to a landing page for a specific product. Of course, a landing page oriented toward getting customer inquiries or newsletter signups will have a slightly different nature and structure. However, you can successfully use fixed elements that are universal for different types of landing page.

  1. Clear message
  • A catchy title that encourages purchases and clearly explains what products are involved
  • the main title of the product is strongly highlighted and descriptive
  • a short list of the main benefits is placed near the title

  1. No distractions
  • The buy button takes the customer directly to checkout or upsell (skips the shopping cart page)
  • does not contain unnecessary outbound links (such as clickable logos)
  • gives you the opportunity to ask questions – via live chat or a highly visible phone number
  1. Visual appeal
  • the layout of the site is consistent and unified
  • the main picture of the product is attractive
  • there are images for different product variants
  • user can easily enlarge the product photo
  • product gallery shows thumbnails of other photos
  • gallery includes scroll arrows and supports swipe actions on mobile devices
  1. Valuable product description
  • clear, presents an easy-to-scan structure of information
  • section titles explain product benefits
  • easy access to technical data and description of use
  • FAQ for the customer
  1. CTA
  • The main CTA is the most visible element on the product page and includes a shopping cart icon
  • CTA copy explains what will happen when you click on it
  • The product price is located near the CTA and is sufficiently visible
  • near the main CTA highlight information about free shipping, possible fees, return policy


  1. Social proof
  • shows customer reviews that are highlighted and easily visible
  • displays star ratings for products and can be filtered
  • exposes the number of followers on FB and Twitter
  • highlights the logos of sites or blogs where the product was presented/promoted


I hope I have brought you closer to the issue of how to make a good landing page. It can actually be very important to the success of your e-commerce business. If you don’t want to test the subject, but are counting on proven actions, get my help – I specialize in effective promotion on the web, including via landing page. Call or write – I am at your service.

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