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Advertising on LinkedIn step by step

Advertising on LinkedIn, the world’s largest business platform, is a unique tool to reach industry professionals, build an expert image and gain the trust of future business partners. How it works
advertising on LinkedIn
step by step? Today I will focus on this very issue.

To achieve results in social media, it is worth betting on consistency first and foremost. Want to learn more about advertising on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? Contact me!

Step 1: Create an advertising account

The first step to launch
advertising on LinkedIn
is to create an advertising account. Log in to your LinkedIn account, go to the section for companies and select ads.

advertising on linkedin 1
advertising on linkedin 2

Chcesz zwiększyć zyski dzięki Google Ads?

Przygotuję strategię działania i razem z moim zespołem wdrożę ją dla Ciebie.


Step 2: Selecting the target of the campaign

offers a variety of campaign objectives that match your business goals – from building brand awareness to generating leads to increasing website traffic. It is worth taking the time to analyze what you care most about at this stage. For beginners, it is more convenient to use the fast mode, but there is also an advanced mode – more complicated, but also offering more possibilities.

advertising on linkedin 3
advertising on linkedin 4

Ready for growth?


Step 3: Target group

Another analysis to keep in mind is to decide who you really want to target with your ads. You can reach specific audiences based on the information in their profile (e.g., position, industry, level in the hierarchy) or by using LinkedIn templates (e.g., profile language, competence in a specific industry, business owners of a specific size, people entering the job market, etc.).

advertising on linkedin 5

LinkedIn immediately displays projected results, costs and reach. Of course, however, these are approximations, and you will not get a guarantee that you will achieve such results when allocating such a budget.

advertising on linkedin step by step 6

Step 4. Choice of advertising format

In basic mode, you have only two formats to choose from: photo or video. This is a solution for people who want to run advertising as soon as possible.

advertising on linkedin 7

Other advertising options are also available for more advanced users:

advertising on linkedin 8

This allows you to better adapt to the needs of your target audience, but requires more commitment and skill.

Step 5: Sites

Ads can be displayed in LinkedIn’s audience network. It is also possible to add exclusions where your ads are not to be displayed, but this is in advanced mode.

Step 5: Budget and time

Finally, of course, you need to determine how much you are able to spend on advertising. You can limit the total budget for the duration of the campaign: then the available funds will not be spent evenly throughout, but according to the interest of users. You can also set a daily budget, then advertising expenses will be more evenly distributed. You also set the dates from when to when your campaign should run.

advertising on linkedin 9

Advertising on LinkedIn step by step: is it worth it?

Remember that although the price of advertising on LinkedIn is usually higher than on other social media platforms, it is an investment in an invaluable opportunity to reach professionals and decision makers.

It’s also worth remembering that algorithms don’t just work on Google search. Content is evaluated for community appeal and compliance with LinkedIn policies. Issues such as engagement (comments, likes, shares) also matter. The algorithm analyzes content in such a way as to best match content to users’ needs.

Running ads on the fly and failing to analyze the data, however, means that this budget can be burned through instead of bringing real benefits. If you don’t want to take on the headache of running a campaign yourself, it’s worth leaving it to the professionals. Want to learn more? Get back to me!

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