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LinkedIn what is it? Concepts you should know

If you are a professional or looking for new career opportunities, LinkedIn can become an extremely valuable tool. Therefore, in this article I will focus on the basic information about LinkedIn and the key concepts you should know in order to operate effectively on this platform.

LinkedIn what is it?

LinkedIn is a B2B social networking platform aimed primarily at professionals and job seekers. It is the world’s largest professional network, enabling users to make business contacts, search for jobs, build a personal brand and share knowledge and experience with other professionals.

On LinkedIn, users can create professional profiles that serve as a kind of online business card, including information about their work experience, skills, education and achievements. There you can also post information about current or previous jobs, achievements, publish articles, comment and share other users’ content.

Platform features that really come in handy

LinkedIna’s main features are:


Users can make connections with other professionals, such as friends, colleagues, business partners, and people they would like to meet for career development.

Job search

The platform offers job-browsing tools, allowing users to search and apply to recruitment ads in various industries and locations.

Professional development

LinkedIn provides users with educational content such as articles, blogs, online courses and webinars to help develop skills and expand professional knowledge.

Building a personal brand

The platform allows users to publish content, comment on other users’ posts and share valuable information to build reputation and expertise in the field.


Users can join discussion groups related to their industry, interests or region to share knowledge, ask questions and make new contacts.

LinkedIn is not only a job search tool, but also a place where professionals can build their network of contacts, engage in industry dialogues, gain labor market information and advance their careers.

The most important concepts related to LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as a social platform aimed at professionals, has several key concepts that are worth knowing. Here are some of the most important:


A LinkedIn profile is an online business card that presents information about you, such as your work experience, education, skills, achievements, interests, etc. Users can personalize their profile to best represent their skills and experience.


Connections on LinkedIn are people with whom the user has established contact and has the ability to communicate on the platform. These could be friends, colleagues, business partners or other people the user would like to have in his or her professional network.


Recommendations are recommendations or testimonials that other users can make on a user’s profile. These are positive reviews of your skills, work or cooperation that serve to confirm your credibility and competence.


LinkedIn’s messaging feature allows users to send private messages to their connections. It is a useful tool for establishing and maintaining contact with other professionals.


News is a stream of information available on LinkedIna’s homepage, where users can view and comment on posts, articles and information shared by their connections, companies and groups to which they belong.

Job opportunities

LinkedIn offers a jobs section, where companies can post recruitment announcements and users can browse and apply for positions of interest. It is an important tool for those seeking employment.


Groups on LinkedIn are online communities where users with similar interests or industries can share knowledge, ask questions, have discussions and make new contacts.


LinkedIn also offers a paid Premium membership, which gives users additional features and capabilities, such as greater profile visibility, access to statistics, online courses, messaging to people outside their network, etc.

These concepts are at the core of LinkedIn and are essential to using this platform effectively and efficiently in building a professional


LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals. It provides opportunities to build business contacts, search for jobs, develop a personal brand and share knowledge. Key concepts to know include. profile, calls, recommendations, news and updates. Knowledge of these concepts will allow you to use LinkedIna effectively, advance your career and make valuable professional contacts.

What’s more, LinkedIn can also greatly help you grow your business – you’ll read about it in future blog posts. Remember – if you want, I will be your support in internet marketing! Get in touch to learn more about the activities we can implement together.

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