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How LinkedIn works – the business importance of the platform

LinkedIn is a social media platform with huge business clout. It acts as a powerful tool, enabling professionals and entrepreneurs to network, promote their personal brand, generate leads and search for talent. In this article, I take a closer look at how LinkedIn works and how it can impact business development.

How does LinkedIn work?

LinkedIn operates as a social networking platform that allows professionals to build their network, search for jobs, share knowledge and build their personal brand. Here are the basic elements of how LinkedIn works:

  • Profile creation: Users can create their profile, which is an online business card. The profile includes information about work experience, education, skills, achievements and interests. A carefully completed profile helps build a professional image.
  • Networking: LinkedIn allows you to network with other professionals. Users can connect with their colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances, and people with similar interests or in a particular industry. You can also invite other users to connect.
  • Publish and share content: LinkedIn allows you to publish content in the form of articles, photos, videos, presentations, etc. Users can share their knowledge, experience and create valuable content that is of interest to other professionals. You can also share other users’ content, comment on it and engage in discussions.
  • Job and employee search: LinkedIn is a popular place for recruiters and employers to post job openings on the platform. Users can browse these listings, apply for positions, and build their visibility among potential employers through a carefully completed profile and activity on LinkedIn.
  • Discussion groups: LinkedIn offers groups where users with similar interests or industries can participate in discussions, share knowledge, ask questions and network. Groups are a great place to network and expand knowledge.
  • Recommendations and recommended users: users can make recommendations to other professionals based on their work, achievements and skills. Recommendations are valuable references that help build credibility and trust among other users.

LinkedIn also offers premium features, such as greater profile visibility, access to additional tools and statistics, or the ability to contact users outside of its network. The platform is constantly evolving, so you can expect new services and forms of activity on it.

LinkedIn what is it used for? Importance for business

LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the main ways LinkedIn can serve business:

Building a brand and corporate image

LinkedIn allows you to introduce your company through a company profile, where you can share information about the company, describe its activities, values and mission. By being active on LinkedIn, publishing industry-related content, participating in discussions and engaging in the community, you can build credibility and trust among potential customers, business partners and employees.

Customer acquisition and lead generation

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with potential customers. You can search for people interested in our products or services, hold discussions on topics related to our industry, and use advertising and promotional campaigns to reach a wide range of professionals.

Recruitment and talent search

LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters and employers to find talent. Entrepreneurs can post job openings, view profiles of professionals and communicate directly with potential candidates. LinkedIn allows you to reach a wide market of workers and find people with the right skills and experience.

Building business relationships

LinkedIn allows you to establish and maintain business contacts. You can build relationships with business partners, suppliers, contractors and other industry professionals. Sharing valuable content, commenting on posts, participating in discussion groups or organizing industry meetings are effective ways to build business relationships.

Personal development and knowledge acquisition

LinkedIn offers a rich database of articles, publications, online courses and webinars. Entrepreneurs can use these resources to develop their skills, gain industry-related knowledge, stay abreast of trends and share their expertise with other professionals.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help companies build their brand, generate leads, find talent and establish business relationships. It is a place where businesses can promote themselves, develop their network and engage in professional discussions. With a properly maintained profile and activity on LinkedIn, companies have a chance to reach a wide audience and build a positive image.

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LinkedIn also offers advertising tools that allow you to precisely target a specific audience. This allows companies to effectively promote their products or services, increasing brand awareness and generating potential leads.

In addition, LinkedIn provides access to analytics and statistics that allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and measure the engagement and reach of your profile and content. It is a valuable tool that allows companies to analyze performance and adjust strategies to achieve better results.


LinkedIn is an extremely valuable platform for businesses to build their brand, attract customers, find talent and develop business relationships. With its wide range of features and tools, LinkedIn is becoming an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs who want to expand into the world of professional contacts and business opportunities.

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