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What should an effective commercial offer look like?

In the business world, a commercial offer is one of the most important tools that helps companies gain customers and generate revenue. It is the commercial offer that is often the first contact a potential customer has with our product or service, so its effectiveness is crucial. In this article, we’ll learn what a sales offer should look like and how to write an effective design to grab customers’ attention and encourage them to buy.

What is a commercial offer?

Before we get into specifics, let’s consider what it actually is commercial offer. What it such? In the simplest terms: it is a document or presentation in which a company presents its products or services to potential customers. It is designed to persuade the customer to buy by showing the benefits they will get by choosing the solution. So it’s worth using
the language of benefits
. A commercial offer can take many forms, such as a brochure, an e-mail, a multimedia presentation or a website.

Elements of an effective commercial offer

What should be included in a good commercial offer? It is worth remembering at least a few elements.

Headline and introduction

First impressions matter a great deal, so the headline and introduction of a commercial offer should be attractive and eye-catching. In the headline, it’s a good idea to include a short and concise summary of the most important benefits the customer will get from our product or service. In turn, in the introduction, we can introduce the reader to the problem we are solving and show why our offer is the answer to their needs.

Description of the product or service

Another key element of the commercial offer is a detailed
description of the product
or service. It should be made clear what the customer will receive by choosing our offer. It is worth highlighting the unique features of our product or service and explaining why they are important to the customer.

Price and payment terms

Clear and transparent presentation of the price of a product or service and the terms of payment is the key to building trust with the customer. Customers want to know exactly how much they have to pay and in what form the payment can be made. It is also worth mentioning possible discounts or promotions to encourage the customer to buy.

Testimonials and customer feedback

Feedback from satisfied customers can be a strong selling point. If we have positive reviews or testimonials from customers, it’s worth including them in the commercial offer. Confirmation that others have been satisfied with our products or services may convince a new customer to buy.

Terms and conditions of the agreement

It’s a good idea to clearly define delivery or service delivery dates and any contract terms, such as warranty, return policy or data protection provisions. This helps the customer understand what he or she is agreeing to when making a purchase decision.

Contact and encouragement for action

At the end of the commercial offer, let’s not forget to contact. Provide contact information for our company and encourage the customer to take a specific action, such as contacting us, filling out an order form or making an online purchase.

If you want transparency and efficiency to be the key qualities your commercial offer will stand out , this template should be used to construct it.

Sample commercial offer

Here is a sample commercial offer that includes all the key elements mentioned above:

Headline: “Our offer – the best solution for you!”.

Introduction “Wondering how to improve the efficiency of your business? Our offer may be the answer to your needs.”

Product/Service Description: “We offer innovative business management software to help you save time and money. Our solution is easy to use and tailored to the needs of any industry.”

Price and payment terms: “Our offer starts at £99 per month, and we offer flexible payment terms. In addition, the first month of using our software is free!”.

Testimonials and customer feedback: “Our customers are satisfied with our product. Here is some feedback from our business partners: [cytaty od klientów]”.

Terms and conditions of the contract: “We will deliver the software within 48 hours of placing the order. We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and secure processing of personal data.”

Contact and Action Encouragement: “If you are interested in our offerings, please contact us today at [numer telefonu] or fill out the order form on our website. Don’t wait, increase the efficiency of your business with our solution!”.


An effective commercial offer is a key element in the success of any company. Attractive, clear and transparent – these are the main characteristics that a good one should have. commercial offer. Example given above will serve you to construct it. Remember, it’s worth investing time and attention in creating a commercial offer, because it can determine the success of our business. Also, remember to pay attention to every detail and consistently adapt your offerings to the changing needs of your customers.

Creating effective commercial offers is a process that requires patience and practice, but the results can be excellent.

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