By Zieliński Jerzy

How to write a product description? 9 practical tips

Product descriptions often spend the sleep of many an online store owner… From hundreds of guides and tips on what and how to make it your descriptions to sell, I present 9 of the most important substantive issues related to the creation of good product descriptions. I hope they encourage you to take action and create unique content. If you choose not to write yourself, they will certainly be valuable tips on what to look for when outsourcing to someone else to create your product descriptions.

Description of SEO products, what to keep in mind:

  1. Write for the customer. It is the customer, not the product, that you need to focus on, because in order to write a good product description it is useful to have a picture of the person who will need the product. Think about who you are writing for, how old is he or she, what gender is he or she, what needs should he or she know about your company, what language might best suit your audience?

What can help you at this stage of your work? The customer data you obtain with Google Analytics – be sure to take advantage of this potential.

  1. Choose the best keywords. It is through them that customers will come to your online store.

Again, you can use professional tools, showing the value of keywords, the number of searches for particular keywords or a broader list of phrases related to your product. I recommend Keyword Planner from Google, Senuto or Semstorm.

  1. Ensure that key phrases in the product description occur naturally. Stuffing key phrases by force does no good, only hinders the reception of the text and reduces its quality.
  1. Use H1, H2, H3 headings. They provide further opportunities to bring unique content and key phrases to the site. Google appreciates hierarchy and transparency. A good practice is to include the product name in the title (H1) and the key phrase in the headline (H2).
  1. Headings are needed for search engine robots, while for customers, use paragraphs in your product descriptions. Dividing the text into shorter parts – paragraphs, will have a good effect on its readability. Customers will find it easier to wade through logically divided text and find the information they are interested in faster. The same goes for highlighting – bolding the most important elements of the text or bulleting the benefits is sure to have a good effect on the perception of your descriptions.
  1. Use benefit language. This is invariably the most effective way to show customers how their lives will change when they buy your product.
  1. Highlight the advantages of products. It is these, far more than the product features themselves, that convince customers to buy. You might like a popular and effective way to inspire positive emotions in your audience – storytelling. Telling a story in a product description allows you to show examples of use, build a mood, and write in the customer’s memory.
  1. The length of the product description is not the most important thing. Obviously, valuable content is of great importance for SEO and, later, for sales in an online store. However, it is not worth expanding product descriptions by force. Make sure to comprehensively describe the advantages of your offer, and the length of the text will come on its own. However, if you need some value as a base, then a description with 1000 – 1500 characters with spaces is sufficient. There is no clear data on the number of key phrases that should be included in a description of this length. Moderation and some creativity will certainly work in this regard. The description is supposed to be natural.
  1. Use the language that will be closest to your audience – for example, in a clothing or cosmetics store, writing “you” will work, but already when selling luxury goods and with a target group of 50+, it is worth sticking to more formal phrases.

The use of appropriate product descriptions brings benefits alone: it increases the value of the website, its better search engine visibility, and finally, or most importantly, it builds credibility with customers.

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