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Benefit language – how to sell with words?

Benefit language in marketing is an extremely important tool to convey the value of your product or service to the customer. It differs from descriptive language because it doesn’t present dry facts, but real benefits – what the customer will receive if they take advantage of your offer. See what benefit language is and examples of its use in marketing.

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What is benefit language in marketing?

Benefit language in marketing is a message that focuses on the benefits customers will receive when they decide to buy your products or services. Benefit language is more effective than descriptive language because customers are more likely to take you up on your offer if they see that they will receive a specific benefit. For example, if you are advertising a car, the benefit language might include aspects such as fuel economy, plenty of room for shopping, easy parking, etc.

Why is benefit language so important?

Benefit language is important in marketing for several reasons. First, it focuses on customer benefits and increases the chance of conversions, which is the main goal of marketing – to attract and retain customers.

Secondly, benefit language is more effective in communicating the value of your product or service because the customer is given information about how the product or service will affect their life or business. It is easier for him to imagine what he will gain by making the purchase.

Third, benefit language helps differentiate your offering from the competition because it focuses on what you offer that others do not provide. That’s why generic terms such as comfortable or high quality don’t pass the test. After all, no one will write that their products are inconvenient to use and were made of materials that fall apart after a month.

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How to use benefit language in marketing?

Of course, for everyone, other benefits are crucial when making a purchase. Sticking with the theme of cars, it is likely that a completely different car will be sought by a student planning to buy her first car and a man who is the father of three children. To effectively use benefit language in commerce, you need to know your target audience, know their needs, goals, the problems they want to solve.

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, content for your website, flyers, newsletters and other marketing materials, be sure to use benefit language. Instead of talking about product features, focus on what the product or service will do for the customer. For example, instead of saying that your CRM software has a sophisticated reporting system, you can say that it will help the customer manage data easily and quickly and facilitate business decisions.

In addition to benefits, it is also important to use active language that convinces the customer to take action. This is, of course, about
(call to action,call to action). Use phrases such as Learn More, Buy Now or Take advantage of the offer. You can also use CTAs in the first person, i.e., putting such turns of phrase as Buy, Subscribe, I want a free e-book, etc., on buttons on the page.

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Benefit language – examples of use

One of the tools that are applicable to any industry is precisely the language of benefits so the examples can be multiplied. I’ve collected a few from businesses with different specifications.

Example for hosting service

Instead of saying: Our server is equipped with the latest software and efficient, you can say: With us you will get a fast and reliable server, so your site will load in no time and forget about crashes.

Example for a beauty salon

Instead of writing: We offer a range of beauty services such as manicure, pedicure and hair removal, you can say: Our manicure, pedicure and hair removal will make you feel beautiful and boost your confidence.

Example for project management software

Instead of writing: Our system offers many features, such as scheduling and reminders for urgent tasks, you can say: With our software, you will be able to manage your projects with ease, increase your team’s productivity and reduce work-related stress.

Example for a language school

Instead of writing: We offer language courses at all levels, you can say: With our language courses, you will learn to speak and understand a foreign language fluently, which will open up new opportunities for you at work and in your personal life.

Example for a clothing store

Instead of saying: we offer many different brands and trends, you can say: with us you will find fashionable and stylish clothing that will highlight your individuality and allow you to express yourself.

In each of these examples, we focus on what benefits the customer will receive and look for the biggest advantages in the company’s offerings. This is more compelling and attractive to customers than mere descriptions of products or services, because we don’t buy just to have, but want to reap specific benefits.

Benefit language in marketing is an effective tool that allows you to focus on the benefits customers receive by using your offer. If you keep your target audience in the back of your mind when writing, you will find that the effectiveness of advertising texts increases.

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