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Shoper product feed

To run a Google Ads product campaign you need a product feed – Google has to get information about your products from somewhere. I have prepared a short guide on how to create and upload a Shoper product feed. If you have any difficulties, just contact me.

How to create a product file on Shoper step by step?

A product feed can be created in many ways, both less and more technically advanced. In large stores, of course, this is not done by hand, as it would take too much time.

To create a product file, you need to integrate Shopper with the
Google Merchant Center
. When you create an account on GMC, you will need to provide your company name, available payment options, and then accept the terms and conditions. Then you can enter the address, phone number and URL of the site. Of course, in order for Google Merchant Center to connect to your store, you need to choose a verification method. You have 3 choices:

  • Google Analytics account,
  • Tag Manager,
  • Adding an HTML tag to your site.

If you choose the latter option, Google will give you a metatag that you should place in the section of your site. Pasting a tag in Shoper is not difficult. All you need to do is go to Add-ons and integrations > Custom integrations, then paste the tag in the section , which is the header of the page:

product feed shoper tag

Then you can go back to your Google Merchant Center account and select Verify URL. If your site has a Verified status, it means that everything went well. It is worth remembering that an inactive store cannot be verified. Make sure your store is enabled under Settings > General > Store name and status.

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The next step is (finally!) to create a product file. In your Google Merchant Center account, go to the Products section > Create Product Data File. Next, make sure you have the right country, language, and Google’s ad destination selector checked. Then choose a name for the product file (ground it to be understandable to you). You also need to specify which upload method you choose (the most popular is Scheduled Download.

When you go to the Configuration section, you need to complete the URL section. Here you need to paste the link to the plugin you will find in Shoper in the Increase Sales section > Price Comparisons > Google Product Search:

product feed shoper plugin

Also, remember to include activity:

product feed shoper activity

In Google Merchant Center, you also have to choose how often and at what time you want the product feed to update. You can then confirm the entire operation by clicking Create Channel. The download will start according to the schedule you selected. If you want to do it immediately, in the GMC go to the Data Files section, click on your feed and select Download Now.

That’s it! If you do everything according to these tips, you should have no problem launching a Google Shopping campaign. Is something not working? Not quite sure how to sell through Google Shopping? Contact me!

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