By Zieliński Jerzy

What is a product campaign?

A Google Ads product campaign is otherwise known as a PLA – Product Listing Ads campaign. It’s a type of campaign you can execute on a search engine or on the web. It’s called product-based because, unlike a standard text ad, the customer, when viewing the ad, immediately sees your product – in the form of an image and with a price.

Why should you do product advertising on Google Shopping?

First of all, because it is a sensational source of customers for online and stationary stores. The most important benefits of implementing a good product campaign are:

  • Reaching informed and purchase-oriented customers. If your ad shows a picture of the product and its price, you increase the chance of a sale. A product ad is clicked by that customer, who may have already assessed at least whether they can afford your products.
  • The reach of advertising – greater than that of a text campaign. In a PLA campaign, several of your products can display simultaneously on the first page of Google search results.
  • access to advanced reports – including. Benchmarking, which will also give you data on your competitors.

Product campaign – where to start the work?

To launch a PLA campaign, 3 conditions need to be met:

  1. creation of a GMC account
  2. Linking your GMC account to your Google Ads account
  3. introduction of the product file

What is and how to set up Google Merchant Center?

GMC is a tool for creating product ads. Follow the steps below to configure them.

  1. To begin with set up
    Google Merchant Center account
  2. Link your Google Ads account to newly created account GMC.
  3. Verify the company with the GMC. Here you need to provide some data about the company, and verify it with a code sent to the phone number.
  4. Verify your site with GMC, preferably by adding a special HTML tag in the source code of your website.
  5. Configure delivery options. One of the elements of this item is to specify the cost of delivery, necessarily coinciding with the information provided on the website.
  6. Specify the return policy. Google is awaiting specific information on the subject.
  7. Activate the option to use product ads to promote your products.
  8. Read and approve the rules related to the posting of reviews.

How to create a product file for a PLA campaign?

A product file is nothing more than a list of products from your online store. Its preparation is necessary to start a product advertising campaign. How to create such a product file? First of all, according to Google’s specifications. It’s worth looking more at the Google Merchant Center support page. I recommend looking at indications of products and texts that disqualify the possibility of a campaign. Take a moment at most, and you will definitely avoid problems. Google does not allow product campaigns, among others. counterfeits, dangerous products and those that enable fraudulent behavior.

Once you know if and what you can advertise in a product campaign, decide what file format you will prepare – the file can be created manually or generated automatically in .txt or .xml format. Remember that the products you want to promote must have the attributes specified by Google, they determine whether the ad will be displayed.

For more detailed data and instructions, check out my videos and future posts!

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