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Shoper Omnibus – how to do an implementation?

The Omnibus Directive
is a fact that cannot be underestimated. The largest platforms for online stores know this. In today’s post, I will show how Shoper has prepared for the Omnibus directive to come into effect. Shoper is making it easier for its users to implement the provisions of the Omnibus Directive? Or does it make it more difficult? You can find the answer in my text.

What does the Omnibus Directive change?

Before we get to the changes in Shoper, we consolidate the scope of the changes introduced by the EU directive. Most importantly – this is not just a change in the law, so it is not enough to just change the rules of the store. Omnibus actually affects the operation of online stores, forces the use of certain solutions. Here’s what you need to do to bring your store into compliance with its requirements and avoid the massive penalty stipulated for deviating from the provisions:

  1. Run the required price display – the lowest of the 30 days before the reduction. You can find detailed instructions here.
  2. Start informing customers how you collect and verify feedback presented in the store. For more information, click here.
  3. Post a contact number available to customers on the store’s website.
  4. Update the store’s terms and conditions – taking into account the mandatory elements: terms of complaint, changes related to vendor liability.

Omnibus Shoperze – how to do a directive implementation from scratch

Shoper, as our country’s most popular platform for running online stores, comes to its users with real help. As late as 2022, he reported on the impending need for change. This information should be seen by every store owner on the Shoper platform. Omnibus, with this Shopper approach, becomes really simple to implement.

Shoper makes it decisively easier to implement the changes introduced by the EU law in the store. A simple implementation method has been prepared for each of the key requirements. If you are a user of the Shoper platform – you can rest assured, making changes should not cause you much difficulty.

Store price history on the Shoper Omnibus platform

Shoper, in response to Omnibus, offers to automatically collect the price history of products offered in the store. All you need to do is make the configuration in the store settings. Below you will see where in the store settings this feature is located, and you can read more about more precise configuration in Shopera’s article.

Shoper also provides solutions for products always marked as a promotion, or “eternal promotions.” – takes as the lowest price the regular price of the day on which the price collection mechanism is activated.

Information obligation for stores on Shoper

The platform leaves the choice to you, you can choose not to publish opinions at all. However, if you want to do so – which is, of course, currently desired by online shoppers – you have an obligation to inform whether the reviews come from verified, real users of your products. Here Shoper suggests two solutions – telling customers that you don’t verify reviews or indicating that you do and how you do it (moderating reviews, getting them only from logged-in customers, etc.).

Mandatory publication of phone number

It is necessary in order to provide customers with the possibility of direct contact, e.g. regarding complaints. Shoper even offers the ability to create your own hotline using the Shoper Connect service.

Changes to the regulations of the web store

From the beginning of 2023, every store’s terms and conditions must include a phone number for customers, a provision on the seller’s liability, and, in the case of the sale of digital content delivered online, also provisions on the absence of a right of withdrawal for this type of content.


Shoper has prepared its platform very well for the rapid implementation of the changes required by the Omnibus Directive. Everything is automated here, and the prepared mechanisms require only the owners of stores on Shoper to select and approve the selected settings. I myself work a lot with the Shoper platform and I can see how valuable such an improvement is – Omnibus ceases to be a challenge or a hindrance. As
Shoper reseller
I can help if you need support in managing your online store. Even more – we can build a store for you, get it up and running and promote it so that it starts making a profit quickly. Let’s start acting together!

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