By Zieliński Jerzy

Reseller Shoper – why is it worth it?

This is one of the few offerings on the market where buying through an intermediary really makes sense. I have already written about why you should choose a store on Shoper and
how much does it cost
. This time I will show you what you will gain by choosing to purchase a Shoper license through me. I am an Authorized Reseller of Shoper license and invite you to use my services.

Reseller Shoper – who is it and what does it do?

It is a participant in Shopera’s affiliate program. Shopera’s Reseller Program was created for companies – interactive agencies, web designers or business management software developers. Thanks to my membership in the program, I can offer my customers proven and secure solutions based on Shopera tools. Shoper is a strong brand in the e-commerce industry. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are already using it. That’s why when you choose the Shoper platform for your store, you’re opting for what has already worked for other companies. On the other hand, by choosing me as an intermediary to purchase a license you gain even more. To begin with, I want to dispel one doubt.

What does a Shopper reseller earn?

You probably already know that a license for Shoper online store software can be purchased directly from the Shoper website. However, by choosing to purchase the same license, only that through a Shopper reseller you will gain more – financially and otherwise. You’re probably wondering what does such a reseller earn? And how is it possible that Shopera’s reseller is an intermediary that doesn’t raise your costs at all? Thanks to being a Shopper reseller, I have access to discounts on software purchases and receive commissions on invoices paid by customers.

In addition, with my e-commerce experience, I make money because clients with stores on Shoper use my SEO and Ads services. By offering a comprehensive service – from brokering the purchase of a license, to helping set up a store, to promoting it effectively – I give clients what they need most. You, too, can gain security and confidence that your online store will be well done, and will effectively exist online and start selling quickly. In fact, I make money in the affiliate program when my customers regularly renew their license with Shopera. I hope you understand why it is so important to have a comprehensive action and my efficiency that I offer you.

What do you gain by buying a Shopper license from a reseller?

  • Confidence that you are not one of tens of thousands of anonymous customers. As a reseller of Shopper and owner of my own agency, only by looking out for the interests of my clients can I count on fruitful cooperation and earning opportunities.
  • Comprehensive support for the creation, launch and promotion of the store. You will gain a background that will seamlessly guide you through the pitfalls of launching a sale. It’s a guarantee of peace of mind and a good start in e-commerce.
  • Financial benefits – by purchasing licenses through me, you gain access to better prices for my services. What’s more – I have individual discounts for partners, and I am definitely more willing to negotiate than Shoper.
  • Truly personalized care. On the one hand, you will have access to Shoper customer support all the time. On the other hand, I will be your real support, with direct contact and real knowledge of your needs and possible problems.

I am a reseller of Shopper – take advantage of my support

As an experienced Shopper partner, I have been implementing customized templates for years. Above that, I position them effectively, because I specialize in promoting stores ma Shoper. If you are counting on the efficient establishment of an online store that will start selling quickly – contact me.

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