By Zieliński Jerzy

SEO forecasts for 2023

One thing that doesn’t change in SEO is that we are constantly rushing to adapt to Google’s requirements. Algorithms change inexorably and the task of good SEOs is to keep up with them. That’s why SEO predictions for 2023 are an attempt to guess the intentions of the Mountain View giant, which, however, is predictable in some respects. Read the article to find out what changes to expect in the coming year.

Positioning of the future – SEO predictions for 2023.

What to expect in 2023?

  1. E-commerce first and foremost. Shopping has long since moved to the Internet. Now more and more users are being convinced, even those who, before the pandemic, did not buy online at all. Now the development of e-commerce is favored by rampant inflation, which causes customers to turn to online shopping when looking for savings.
    Development prospects forecast for 2023
    talk about the e-commerce market in Poland reaching a dizzying 124 billion PLN (which is expected to be about 13% growth compared to 2022).


  1. To read customers’ minds – it may sound strange, but the ability of search engine algorithms to read users’ intentions is precisely the drive toward personalizing results as much as possible and prompting users with what they themselves did not say in their query. Due to this trend, investing in positioning based on
    semantic key phrases
    , which I have already written about on the blog.
  1. There’s power in video! Video marketing is growing rapidly because these types of campaigns really influence the buying decisions of the audience. Google is also moving in this direction, as indicated by new search options and tags to use in your videos so that they index in the search engine. It’s a good idea to take advantage of search markup, which allows algorithms to display the most important parts of a video, as well as clip markings, i.e. their division into chapters/parts, so that the user can skip to the exact moment in the video that interests him or her.
  1. Images on the website are becoming increasingly important. Which confirms that they are to be used for search using images precisely. It is worthwhile to ensure that images are optimized according to the guidelines and their quality.
  1. EAT parameter – that is, professionalism, authoritativeness and credibility. These elements determine the level of value of your website to search engine users. Your task is to fine-tune the website so that it convinces at first glance of just these three features. You can emphasize the EAT signals that are most readable to the search engine – these include: expertise, expressed, for example, on a company blog,
    social proof
    , customer testimonials, linking to sites with high authority in Google.
  1. There are also trends that have been steadily developing for several years. And so also in 2023, it is worth focusing and investing in valuable content, secure and reliable linking, providing customers with mobile accessibility, which is currently a must.


SEO trends and predictions are quite clear – invariably, everything revolves around a positive search engine user experience and that the answers contained in Google’s results should be as tailored as possible to the expectations of its user. By investing in elements related to UX, valuable content and attractiveness of your offer, you will gain the most.

Wondering how to keep up with SEO trends? Or are you looking for ways to make your SEO work better? Was it more effective? Get back to me – I specialize in supporting companies with online business development and SEO optimization.

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