By Zieliński Jerzy

LSI keywords – semantic keywords

When looking for ways to produce high-quality content that engages readers and is attractive to search engine robots, it’s worth leaning into LSI keywords. From the article you will learn what exactly LSI keywords are, how to search for them and how to use them. Catch a concrete dose of practical information!

LSI keywords – what are they?

Semantic keywords, or LSI keywords, are words that are associated with the main keyword, and may be related words, ones that occur frequently with the keyword phrase. They are selected specifically for a particular publication on a website or blog, they are not synonyms! However, they must relate to the same topic as the main key phrase and describe it, specify it.

E.g., if you are writing about alcohol treatment you are describing topics related to the problem, its origins and ways to solve it. And so by using terms in your texts like alcohol problem, addiction symptoms, alcoholic, you describe your addiction treatment center and the types of therapies undertaken – you use semantic keywords. This is the approach that Google assumes and actually expects in texts that are to be indexed at high search engine positions. If you create texts that are valuable in this regard, you can count on a lot of traffic coming from long tail phrases – often not very obvious, but valuable due to high interest from users.

Examples to help understand semantic keywords:

  • Bookcase – the first association is a shelf, and in practice bookcases can be very different and designed for different purposes – storage bookcase, bookcase, workshop bookcase, pantry bookcase, bookcase – shelf, bookcase for the living room;
  • Piggy – it can be an animal, a disease, or perhaps a cuddly toy, so the word needs to be clarified and only when surrounded by semantic expressions does it take on a specific meaning;
  • mattress – whether it is a mattress for the bedroom, for swimming, or perhaps a gymnastic mattress for exercise can be read only in the company of LSI expressions.

Why use LSI keywords?

Semantic keywords support the positioning of the main key phrases, as they are a refinement of the issues for which the content and website are optimized.

It is through semantic keywords that search engine robots better understand the content of your website and index it higher in Google results. Search engine robots are always looking for an answer to a query submitted by a user, so the more terms associated with an issue you use in your product descriptions or blog articles, the greater the chance that the robots will evaluate it positively and want to show it to search engine users.

Ways to find LSI keywords

Of course, you can rely on your intuition, but here are some suggestions from where to get ideas for semantic keywords that are effective because they are actually used by search engine users:

  1. Google
  • Autocomplete in the search engine

When you type a word into a search engine, Google automatically suggests the terms that most often occur in company with that word.

  • Similar searches

You will find them at the bottom of the results page when you search for the keyword you are interested in.

  • Graphics search

When searching for keywords in Graphics, Google also suggests other – related phrases to use as semantic keywords.

  1. LSI Word Search Tools

This is probably the first of the tools that comes to mind when talking about any key phrases. Use them to select valuable LSIs.

  • Google Search Console

Using GSC, you can see by which keyword phrases users came to your website. There are bound to be a lot of terms you don’t expect, but they relate to issues in your offer – it’s worth using them as semantic keywords.

  • Third-party tools you can find on the web – such as. Senuto

Using Senuto, you can not only find related keywords, you can also analyze any competitors for what phrases their website is ranking for.

How to optimize content for semantic search?

It is worthwhile, as always when it comes to search engine activities, to use moderation and strive for naturalness . We create texts for the user-customer, so it is important that LSI keywords occur naturally in the content. Remember that there are many places where you can include them – in blog articles, product descriptions, meta title and mat description.With semantic words you will increase the value of your texts, and thus the value of the entire website. And with a valuable website, you can effectively fight for high positions in Google. Looking for a way to optimize the content on your website? Or maybe you need someone to write valuable texts for you? Contact me – I will support you substantively and practically in achieving your marketing goals.

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