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SEO Agency: 10 rules for successful collaboration

Nowadays, when competition on the Internet is increasing, it is difficult to succeed without SEO. A good SEO agency makes the process a lot easier, because it’s hard to plan and implement an effective strategy if you don’t have the knowledge or experience. However, it is worth remembering that the effectiveness of SEO does not depend only on the actions of the agency itself, but also on the quality of cooperation with it. Here are ten rules that will help you achieve SEO success.

1. marketing brief

To know more about what you expect from SEO, the agency may ask you to fill out a
a short brief
. SEO specialists may be experts in SEO, but they don’t know your business as well as you do. The brief may include such questions as the target audience of your products, company goals, services or products that bring you the most profit or that you care most about promoting. You may think the agency is just asking you to make an extra effort, but in fact the brief helps you develop an effective strategy and not treat your site with a template. A good specialist asks questions because he wants to know what specific goal he is pursuing.

2. readiness for changes on the site

If you are very attached to your website and don’t want to change anything on it, I have bad news for you: a website audit conducted by an SEO agency can reveal many errors and shortcomings that harm its visibility. As a consolation, however, I will say that these are usually not drastic changes. This is mainly about expanding and optimizing content, setting unique meta titles or improving navigation. Optimization of the site and content is the foundation of successful SEO: good SEO companies do nothing without the knowledge and approval of the client, but to achieve results, it is worth preparing for changes.

3. remember to communicate

Of course, an SEO agency handles SEO to save you time and effort and ensure higher sales. The agency should clearly explain its activities, answer questions and provide up-to-date reports. However, it’s worth remembering that specialists may also have questions for you, need additional information about your offerings or photos to put on the site. Communication can be various: email, telephone or inch-based. Unfortunately, without information sharing, SEO efforts are delayed, and you have to wait longer for results.

4. realistic expectations

If in any doubt: ask. You hire an SEO agency, so you don’t have to be an SEO specialist. However, it is worth remembering that the absence of more orders or phone calls after a few weeks or even months does not mean that the agency is cheating you. SEO does not produce immediate results: usually appear after approx. 3 months.

5. ability to prioritize

It’s natural that you’d want to increase visibility for all keywords relevant to your industry, build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. However, it is worth remembering that positioning for general, highly competitive phrases takes a long time and requires a large budget. In the beginning, it’s often a good idea to focus on products or services that are in high demand and bring you a lot of profit, and only later fight for other elements of your offer, such as those in which you are still ahead of your larger competitors.

6. SEO Copywriting – new content for your website

Creating content optimized for SEO is an important part of the agency’s efforts. If you have comments on the text, do not limit yourself to expressing dissatisfaction. Constructive criticism and specific suggestions will help improve the quality of the content. Quick approval of texts is also important, because the faster they reach the site, the faster they will be indexed and increase your positions in search results. If you’re in a niche industry where expert, proven information is hard to come by, it might also be a good idea to give the copywriter some sources to draw from when creating content for the site.

7. enable the agency to work

Especially at the beginning of the cooperation, you may need some commitment on your part (or your employees). This includes, for example, providing access to the site, cooperation in implementing Google Analytics, etc. If you have in-house programming services, a good option may be to put the agency in touch with your web developers. I personally appreciate the comprehensive approach: I work with SEO specialists, copywriters, graphic designers or programmers, so the client can get service from A to Z.

8. do not make changes to the site

Of course, it is still your website, but even minor changes can affect SEO results. Always consult with your SEO agency before making changes, and if possible, have your positioner make changes instead of implementing them without his or her knowledge.

9. do not change the domain

If you’re planning to change your domain or company name, report it to an SEO agency. Positioners can help you transfer the effects of SEO to your new site or domain. If you don’t, all the work you put into building visibility will be lost. SEO increases the visibility of your domain, not your company per se.

10. take investment into account

The need to control the effects of SEO agencies and verify the return on investment in SEO are natural. No one wants to waste money if they don’t see results or they are very uncertain. However, it’s worth considering that sometimes you lose a lot of customers through technical errors on the site, lack of a clear offer or a complicated buying process. If SEO specialists suggest you create a new site or make modifications to your offerings, it’s worth at least considering.

Effective cooperation with an SEO agency is the key to increasing a site’s visibility. Do you expect peace of mind about the results and time savings? Contact me: I work with specialists in SEO, Google Ads, e-commerce, copywriters, graphic designers and web developers.

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