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Rich snippets – what is it and how to use it?

In the simplest terms, Google search results are divided into organic results and paid results, or Google Ads. The position in the organic search results depends on the visibility of the site built by SEO. However, the search engine results page, or SERP, has for years not consisted solely of a list of sites matching the search query entered into the search engine. The search engine also features the so-called. rich snippets, or enhanced search results, which are worth using to further increase a site’s visibility on Google.

Tags of structured data

Use of
structured data
makes it easier for Google’s search engine to read a website’s content. Their use allows you to display in the so-called results with extended elements, which increases traffic to the site. Implementing structured data on a page requires editing the HTML code, so this is a task for a programmer. In CMSs such as WordPress, however, you can use a plugin for this. On WordPress, the most recommended solution is an SEO plugin: AIOSEO. However, it is worth remembering that too many plugins will slow down your site. An alternative way is to modify the code, because WordPress is an open source solution – you have access to the source code of the site. However, such a task is worth leaving to the programmer, since each rich snippet requires defining different data.

The use of tags makes it possible for your site to display as Google rich snippets. When deploying structured data, you can check that it works properly. For this purpose, the so-called. performance test with extended elements. Just paste the URL of the page to see if it can display in rich snippets:

rich snippets action test
rich snippets action test 2

Of course, Google checks that the tags in the HTML code actually match the content of your page. If not, it will take what is known as manual action – the content will be analyzed by a human, not a robot, and if it does not meet the quality requirements, the site will display lower in the search results or disappear from them altogether. You can find out from the Message Center in Google Search Console.

Types of rich snippets in Google search results

There is no clear answer to the question of rich snippets what they are, because in the search engine you will find different types of them. I’ve collected the most important tags, so you’re sure to find something here that will fit your site’s content.


You can add Article ordered data to a news item, blog post or article. This will allow Google (also in News and Google Assistant) to display the title, author, images and publication date.

rich snippets article


Book data can be used to make it easier for users to buy (ReadAction) or borrow a book (BorrowAction).

rich snippets book

Navigation menu

The structured menu data on the page has to do with breadcrumbs, or crumbs. The placement of the BreadcrumbsLists tag shows the path – where a particular subpage is located on the site, making it easier for the user to navigate.


Such data is used to create lists that the user can move around. Course, movie, recipe or restaurant listings are supported here.

rich snippets carousel


Do you organize or promote events? It’s a good idea to use Events tags, so that the user will quickly know the date and time and be taken to a page where they can buy a ticket.

rich snippets events

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most commonly used rich snippets. A user who finds the answer to his or her question directly in a search engine is unlikely to look further, so sites that don’t use FAQ tags lose a lot.

rich snippets FAQ

Local company

Another highly used tag to appear in Google search results and Google Maps. A carousel of companies matching the customer’s query may also be displayed.

rich snippets local companies

You can also take advantage of the online booking facility here:

rich snippets company local bookings

Questions and answers

Users who are looking for help in solving a specific problem like to select search results where answers related to the topic appear. Question and answer tags are useful here. Dates are also immediately visible, so you can determine whether the information is up to date.

Search box with links to subpages

An additional search box appears where the user can enter their query to find something specific on your site. This way it doesn’t search further on Google, but is already focused on your site.


You can also learn more about mobile apps directly from Google, and that too using the desktop search engine. Although it looks a little different in the two versions, the user can immediately find out what the app reviews are and download it:

rich snippets apps
rich snippets mobile apps


In the search results, you can switch to the Video tab:

rich video snippets

However, matching video results can also appear among traditional links to subpages.

rich video snippets in serps

From a user’s perspective, rich snippets definitely make it easier to use Google and find the answer to a question quickly. Looking at it from the side of a person who wants his site to appear as high as possible in search results, it already looks a little different. On the one hand, if you implement rich snippets on your site, you stand a chance of displaying higher than your site’s organic visibility would suggest. On the other – if you don’t, your competitors can very easily overtake you. So I recommend thinking about whether you’re putting content on your site that would fit under a rich snippet, and if not, it’s a good idea to get started.

Do you lack the time to optimize your site for SEO yourself? Wrapping up technical issues is not your favorite thing to do? Get back to me – I can help you get more out of your SEO.

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