By Zieliński Jerzy

Google structured data. TOP 5 for business

What is Google structured data? You can also meet them under the name structured data or schema. All of these terms refer to special JSON-LD, RDFa or Microdata code. Placing it in the code of a website primarily serves Google’s robots. They allow search engine robots to see the site in a structured way, and the data and content on it is better understood by them. It is the structured data that allows search engine robots to show more elaborate content in search results. Which ones exactly?

Google provides detailed
instructions for adding structured data
to the website. It also gives access to
, which helps check the correctness of the implementation and operation of structured data.

Google’s types of structured data

  1. FAQ Page – these are used on pages that answer specific questions, are tutorial in nature. The idea is for Google to display the questions and answers in search results.
  1. Crumbs, or so-called. breadcrumbs – it makes Google display a friendlier URL, friendly especially when the hierarchy of pages in the navigation menu is heavily developed.
  1. Local Business – very useful for local businesses, as it allows you to show additional information on Google. Structured data displays a variety of data in search results: from address, email address, to a link to a Google business card, to prices or opening hours.
  1. Article – tags to help identify the date of publication of the entry, its author. Such structured data makes the search engine display the article excerpt, ratings or comments.
  1. Product – this type is only applicable to online stores. Its correct implementation gives you a chance to display a product image, description, price, etc. in the organic results.

Google structured data – summary

Google’s structured data is another tool to help Google users get the most comprehensive answers to queries typed into the search box. However, from a business perspective, Google’s structured data is also a very important tool for website owners who aim to attract customers from the search engine and work out the highest possible
. Google structured data is definitely worth using. Need help implementing them? Feel free to contact me!

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