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Shoper platform price list

Before deciding to enter online commerce, every entrepreneur wonders: how much does an online store cost? You probably expect something different, but due to the complexity of e-commerce issues, it’s impossible to give a clear answer to this question. The price of an online store depends on a number of factors, so it’s worth digging deeper into your expectations for the store system you want to work on and make money. Fortunately, there are several solutions, and you are in a very good place to learn about them.

In this article:

  • I suggest what kind of online store to choose – subscription or individually prepared solution,
  • You will learn why you should choose a Shoper store,
  • you will find the price list of the Shoper platform,
  • You will dismantle whether, and if so why, it is worth buying a Shoper store license from a reseller.

What’s better – a ready-made sales platform or a store from scratch?

It’s good to have a choice, and even better to know how the available options differ. The level of development of the e-commerce industry makes it possible to choose solutions that will be adequate for each stage and specificity of the business. Your choice – a wise choice regarding the store, should take into account the characteristics of the industry, its competitiveness, and, of course, customer preferences. The second group of factors are those directly related to your business, i.e. the breadth of your product range, your plans for growth, and finally, your time and financial capabilities. Putting it all together, you are sure to choose the right online store for your business. What are your options?

A very tempting option is a store built from scratch, which is a dedicated solution, tailored to your expectations and needs. Sounds sensational, doesn’t it? However, the devil is in the details, or more specifically, in the thousands of details – the small issues that you will have to take care of when creating such a store from scratch. In this option, you have to take care of everything: from the selection, to the creation process, to the control of the store’s contractor, to hosting, to ongoing maintenance. Having your own dedicated store also requires knowledge of many fields and continuous training in technological innovations, programming, online marketing, law, etc. Finally, a store built from scratch usually costs significantly more than an off-the-shelf option. In summary – you get a customized, tailor-made online store. What’s more, you know the ins and outs, because you were present at every stage of its creation. However, you have to expect considerable costs, a lot of time and the risk that, despite your efforts, things may not work as you wanted.

An alternative option is a ready-made sales platform. There is quite a large selection of them on the market, so finding the features you are interested in, and at a reasonable budget, will not cause any difficulties. What’s more – a ready-made store platform, if you choose such a valuable one, is already tested by thousands of users. You gain the ability to start selling online quickly, with technical and substantive support, and often the opportunity to test your future store as part of a free trial period, and this is an invaluable business experience.

I make no secret of the fact that I am an ardent supporter of ready-made sales platforms. I especially recommend ones that I know inside out and see their value to my clients’ businesses.

Shoper store – why should you know it?

Shoper is an e-commerce platform developed in Poland. For nearly 20 years, the Krakow-based company has been providing solutions for online store owners. Years of experience and the impressive growth of the Shoper brand show that ready-made tools to create an online store quickly and affordably are needed and actually make sense. A store on the Shoper platform is an option for those who want to quickly rock online sales. With Shoper, this is possible in a short period of time, at a reasonable cost, without having to go into programming details. I work on Shoper a lot, so I can assure you that it provides everything you need for a good start, successful development and success in e-commerce.

Of course, Shoper is not the only platform for online stores available on the market. Therefore, you should definitely get to know its advantages to see that Shopera is the one worth investing in. And it’s worth it because:

  1. It has everything you need to make customers love your online store and want to return to it regularly. I mean design that will satisfy the most demanding. In addition to inviting graphics, available in a very wide selection, expect the store to be fully compliant with current technical requirements. Example – by using RWD technology, the store will be equally accessible on the computer and on the phone.
  2. You can test it for free, and this is a unique opportunity to check that actually Shoper store will meet the requirements, be affordable to use and satisfy aesthetic expectations. The test period on the Shoper platform is as long as 14 days, and it is definitely enough to convince yourself of the rightness of investing in this particular store.
  3. You will gain specialized technical support, as this is also a free feature available to all Shopera customers. In my opinion, an indispensable thing to run an online business safely. Any problem can be addressed by email or phone, plus a knowledge base that is exhaustive on many issues is also available.
  4. Choosing a Shoper store you take care of matters related to online sales in one place. All thanks to Shopper’s integration with online payments (including payment cards, Google Pay, BLIK), sales platforms (such as Allegro, Ceneo), accounting systems (such as Subiekt) and even courier services. It’s incredibly convenient.
  5. And speaking of convenience, you need to know about the ability to manage your store through a mobile app. With a smartphone and an app, you have your store in your pocket and can comfortably control the situation at any time. What’s more, Shoper also provides other applications, using them you will automate mailing, print orders, notify customers about promotions, and much more.

Finally, the icing on the cake is the reason why the Shoper store beats all other options. You can purchase a Shoper store using a reseller offer, which will benefit you doubly. More details below, and finally an answer to the question of how much an online store costs.

Shoper platform price list, or the price of an online store

As you’ll notice in the graphic, the Shoper store is available at really good prices. The photo illustrates the status of the offer as of 14/08/2022. Shoper regularly offers discounts and promotions on its products, so with a little determination, you can set up an online store for as little as £299 a year. This is a great option for those starting out in e-commerce. See for yourself:

Shoper currently offers three packages, varying in functionality and designed for different stages of business development. Shoper Price List:

The Standard package is for sellers starting out in online sales. In the promotion it is available for as little as PLN 25 per month. With its content and capabilities, it completely secures the needs of start-up businesses.

The Premium Package, which starts at $499 per month, is a more advanced option. It will work well for those with e-commerce experience.

The Enterprise package is a new addition to Shopera’s offerings, designed for heavily sophisticated operations. The offer, for those requiring a customized approach for large businesses, is available from £5999 per month.

If you are familiar with the price list of Shoper stores and the contents of the various packages, you have doubts that you can manage it all and get it right. You are in the right place to learn about the option that solves every problem. Get to know your Shopper reseller!

Reseller Shopper – why is this option for you?

The matter is as follows: you can buy a license for a Shopper store directly from Shopper precisely or through a reseller. I am one of the authorized resellers of Shopera, so you will buy the license for the store and other Shopera products even more favorably through me. In addition to financial bonuses, you’ll gain more – I’ll help set up the store, get sales going, and most importantly, drive customers to the store. That’s because I specialize in Google Ads campaigns for Shoper online stores. I have experience in hundreds of campaigns, including the most sales-successful ones – shopping and remarketing campaigns. The key to success is to optimize conversions for maximum profit. I invite you to contact me, because only the combination of a good online store with even better advertising, gives you the basis for success in online sales.

Shoper – the key to success

Shoper itself reported earlier this year that its 2021 revenue was 71% higher than the previous year. And over the past three years, it has increased its revenue by as much as four times. The amounts involved here are truly impressive! The data don’t lie and indicate a trend that is sure to continue – commerce is moving to the Internet because here are safe conditions, immune to pandemic or war. Therefore, those looking for their own place in the online sales space, I recommend Shoper store, because it is a proven and complete solution.

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