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Real Time Marketing – examples, is it worth it?

Real Time Marketing relies on current events and trends, which it uses to reach potential customers when they are most likely to take action. In this article, I will provide a definition and examples of real time marketing, and discuss what benefits it can bring.

What is Real Time Marketing?

Real Time Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses real-time current events and trends to reach the right audience at the right time. Real Time Marketing is effective because it allows companies to provide their customers with content that is timely and of interest at the moment. As a result, Real Time Marketing allows you to reach potential customers more effectively and increase their engagement. RTM obviously requires ongoing monitoring of trends and events to effectively reach potential customers and increase
brand awareness

Real Time Marketing examples

There are many examples of Real Time Marketing that have gained popularity in recent years. One of them is the Oreo campaign during Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. During a commercial break, when there was a sudden interruption in transmission due to a power outage, Oreo used Twitter to deliver a quick and funny message: Lack of power? Don’t worry, you can eat an Oreo in the dark. The key here was to act quickly – in a few hours the graphics would no longer be as effective.

Another example of Real Time Marketing is the campaign launched during the 2015 Academy Awards gala. The campaign used the hashtag #AskHerMore (ask her more) to draw attention to the fact that women on the red carpet are often asked only about their closet, not their achievements. The campaign quickly went viral and received endorsements from many well-known people in the film industry.

real time marketing ask her more

Ikea is one company that effectively uses Real Time Marketing in its marketing efforts. For example, in its 2021 campaign, Ikea alluded to the defeat of U.S. President Donald Trump and his move out of the White House by creating ads for a doormat with a name confusingly similar to his:

real time marketing ikea

Benefits of Real Time Marketing for Companies

Real Time Marketing has many benefits. With RTM, companies can provide users with timely and engaging content, allowing them to more effectively reach potential customers and increase engagement. Real Time Marketing can also help companies build a positive brand image and strengthen their position in the market. It’s easier to build a lot of activity under a post if it’s about a topic you’re talking about.

Real Time Marketing – Challenges for marketers.

RTM requires marketers to react quickly to current events and trends. It is necessary to constantly monitor social media, websites and other information sources to catch the right signals and opportunities to interact with customers. A late response, when the topic has already been touted by competitors, can backfire and irritate customers instead of building customer engagement. Additionally, Real Time Marketing can be difficult to measure and analyze, making it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Real Time Marketing vs. social media

Social media is crucial for RTM. With social media, companies can monitor current events and trends in real time and respond to them quickly and effectively. Social media also enables direct contact with customers and allows them to interact freely with the brand. However, it is important to remember that social media is a dynamic environment: what collected thousands of comments a week earlier, after a few days may no longer interest anyone.

How do you get started in Real Time Marketing?

In order to get started in Real Time Marketing, a company must have the right tools and technology to monitor trends and events in real time. Companies should also designate a person or team to monitor and respond to current events and trends.

Is Real Time Marketing the future of marketing?

Real Time Marketing is already the present of marketing, not just the future. Nowadays, when consumers expect an immediate response to their needs and expectations, Real Time Marketing is becoming increasingly popular and effective. So for good reason, it makes sense to maintain company social media profiles. However, one has to reckon that RTM can be more controversial than a traditional marketing campaign, especially if we joke about events that some people take very seriously. This was the case, for example, with the scandalous ad for an energy drink published to mark the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising:

real time marketing tiger,skandaliczna-reklama-tiger-srodkowy-palec-powstanie-warszawskie.html

Ultimately, the joke backfired, and the brand apologized for the ad. So it’s worth knowing your target audience well so that RTM is not counterproductive.

Real Time Marketing vs SEO

The problem is that SEO effects come after time – if you position yourself a few months in advance for phrases related to an upcoming event, for example, it can work. In general, however, social media performs better because it allows you to react quickly to an unexpected trend.

Real Time Marketing is an effective marketing strategy that allows companies to provide timely and interesting content to build greater user engagement and create a positive brand image. The key here is reflexes to react quickly and accurately to a current event or trend.

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