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Local positioning – Google business card positioning

I have written about the Google business card and its benefits several times before, and I often talk about it in recordings. All because I invariably see how much my clients benefit from being on Google Maps. Today I’m going to describe a way to do local positioning on your own – Google business card positioning.

What is Localo – Google’s business card tool?

Localo is an innovative tool designed for local entrepreneurs who want to realize the full potential of their Google business cards. It is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage, optimize and monitor information about your business on Google Maps and Google Search.

Local positioning of Google My Business card with Localo – step by step

Of course, the first step is to create an account on Localo | Google Business Card Tool. You can create a new account by signing in with your Google account. Below you will find a description of the steps involved in optimizing key elements for SEO Google My Business card.

Keyword selection

Choose the keywords for which you want to position your business card. Localo makes this stage of optimization easy, as you only need to select one key phrase , and the application itself will suggest the next most searched by Google users.

Company name – Google business card title

This is the first step related to optimization. Before you tackle your company’s title on Google, check how your competitors do it.Many companies add a keyword in the title in addition to the company name. This makes sense, since the title is one of the most decisive ranking factors.

Under the suggested words you create your title. Once you’ve come up with a title, make sure your freshly written title is the optimal length and contains all the necessary words that fit your business.

Main category and additional categories

The main category is an important ranking factor and affects a company’s positioning as much as the business name. With categories, Google decides in which ranking Google will show the company for new customers and for which keywords. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a main category added to your business card. Don’t be afraid of the difficulty of specifying a category – Localo suggests what will be appropriate for your business.

Company Description

Publishing a company description allows you to present your business offerings to customers who search Google for information about the services or products in question. It’s a good idea to include in the business card information about the nature of the company’s business, what makes it different, to whom the offer is addressed. It is also worth encouraging you to read the full description of the offer. Localo will give you the right messages – confirming the appropriate length of the text and suggesting the use of valuable key phrases in the text.

Website address

When completing your business card, provide the address to your website. Make it easy for customers to go directly from your business card to your company website.


This section allows customers to learn more about your company’s services and their price. Be sure to fill out this section correctly with a list of services. They will be visible in search results like this:


When setting up a profile, it is a good idea to create the products the company trades. You can divide them into categories. Each product should have a photo and a description. Optionally, we can add a link to the described product:

It is a good idea to add “from the life of the company” posts to the profile, introducing services, informing about promotions. This is the section that will allow you to add new content on a regular basis, sustain customer interest and strengthen your business card’s position.

Importantly, Localo allows you to create and edit a post in one place. Localo even suggests the frequency of publishing posts – it’s a good idea to do it once a week.

Once the optimization of the profile – business card of the company is completed, the Localo tool provides a preview of the business card and prompts a list of tasks worth doing to increase the visibility of the business card in Google results. Example task:

Why use Localo?

Why use Localo? Here are some reasons:

  • Increase local visibility: Localo allows you to improve your company’s positioning in local search results. Precise data optimization will make your company more visible to people looking for products or services in your area.
  • Make it easy to contact customers: Localo allows you to add key contact information, such as a phone number, email address or website link. This makes it easier for customers to contact you and increases trust in your brand.
  • Real-time data updates: With Localo, you can manage and update data on your Google business card in real time. Regardless of changes in opening hours, address or phone number, your customers will always have access to the latest information.
  • Monitoring feedback and reviews: Localo allows you to track and respond to feedback and reviews left by customers. This allows you to effectively build a positive corporate image and nurture customer relations.
  • Simple data analysis: This tool offers an intuitive analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor the performance of your Google business card. This way you will know how many people have visited your site, made a call or learned about your business using Google Maps.


Why do I recommend Localo? Because this tool gives you full control over your Google business card. It increases a company’s visibility in local search results, makes it easier to contact customers, allows real-time updates and monitors feedback. With a simple analytics panel, you can track the performance of your business card and gain an edge over your competitors in the local market. Localo is a key tool to maximize the potential of your business on Google Maps and Google Search.

Want your business card to conquer local search results? I know how to do it! I invite you to contact me – we will discuss the details of cooperation.

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