By Zieliński Jerzy

Google My Business. A business card in 10 minutes!

Google My Business card is an advertising tool that you simply must use. Why? It is very simple to set up and use. Customers searching for services and products on Google are eager to use the results in Maps. And finally – the icing on the cake – the service is completely free. I present a tutorial on how to set up a business card for a company on Google Maps. Go through the process with my video or use the simple instructions below.

Setting up a business card on Google Maps – video with instructions

Together with the video, you will set up a business card quickly and effortlessly. You are invited!

How to set up a Google My Business card? Step-by-step registration.

You can find a form for creating a business card by typing the name Google My Business into the search box. You can also click directly here -. Google My Business card.

  1. You will start creating a company profile by entering your company name and specifying your business category.
  1. Specify if you want to add a location where customers can come. This is a mandatory step if you run a stationary, service business.
  1. Enter the full address of the company.
  1. Add the territorial area you serve – location for example. Bydgoszcz, in Warsaw it may be a specific district, and in the case of nationwide activities – the whole of Poland.
  1. Add contact information that will be visible to your customers. Phone number is a mandatory field. On the other hand, when it comes to a website – you don’t have to have one at all! Just setting up a business card can help you attract new customers without having a website.
  1. Questions about consent to receive updates about the company – it is worth answering yes. This will give you hints on what to change to make your business card better received by search engine users, or you will receive notifications – information that someone has added a photo of your company, for example.
  1. Choose the method of verification – by phone, text message, email, or by sending a PIN postcard to the address provided. The process will go faster if your website (if you have one) includes the same address and phone number you provided in your business card registration information.
  1. Perform verification.
  1. Add services that specifically explain to customers what you do and what they can get from you.
  1. Add opening hours – you choose the days and times. It is worth doing this in detail, because Google displays the information that, for example. Your spot will open in 5 minutes.
  1. Provide customers with the option to send messages to your company directly from the search engine, without having to go to your website or email inbox specifically. (well use the app)
  1. Prepare a factual description of the company – a good description, gives you a chance to rank higher and appear more often in Google search results.
  1. Add photos of your company – lots of photos increase the attractiveness of the business card. It’s good if customers add them too, preferably with reviews – ask customers for feedback.
  1. We’re done! Your business card may already be displayed to search engine users who are searching for services and products like yours. At any time you can make changes or updates to the data you entered when setting up your Google My Business card.

Setting up a Google My Business card – summary

Google My Business is an excellent form of promotion for local service businesses, although it should be used by all business owners. It’s a great way to lend credibility to your business, present it at its best, and most importantly – free search engine advertising. Constructed in such a way that customers are very eager to use it and go just to businesses promoted in Google Maps.If you feel like learning more about GMF – I invite you to the article about it, How to optimize your business card in Google Maps, so that it displays in a high position. I am at your disposal if you find that you need help with any activities related to this kind of company promotion. I have years of experience and would be happy to use it to help you grow your business with effective Google advertising.

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