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How to get customers for online stores?

Acquiring customers for online stores is extremely important, as customers generate revenue and thus allow business to grow. Here are some methods that online stores can use to attract new customers. How do you get customers? With this guide it will be easy!

Customer acquisition methods for online stores

Acquiring customers for online stores requires a variety of marketing methods. It’s a good idea to use at least a few of them and tailor them to your target audience and the industry in which your online store operates.

Advertising on the Internet

Using various types of advertising on the Internet, such as ads
Google Ads
, advertising on Facebook or on Instagram, allows you to effectively reach potential customers. It is worth taking care of the creative and eye-catching design of the ad, as well as placing it in the right place on the Web to reach people interested in a particular industry and product.


Online store optimization in terms of Google search engine, allows you to increase your online visibility and attract new customers. It is worth taking care of relevant keywords, unique content on the site, and optimizing the website for loading speed and responsiveness.

Content marketing

Creating valuable content, such as
company blog
, tutorials, infographics or e-books, allows you to attract the attention of potential customers and build a loyal audience around your online store.

Influencer marketing

Working with well-known and popular online influencers allows you to reach new audiences that may be interested in your online store’s offerings. It is advisable to choose influencers who have a similar target audience as the store to make the campaign effective.

E-mail marketing

Sending regular newsletters with offers, news or promotions allows you to keep in touch with regular customers and attract new ones. It is important that the content of the emails be attractive and tailored to the target audience.

Social media

Regular and attractive posting on social media profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, allows you to increase the reach of your online store and keep in touch with customers. It is worthwhile to provide interesting and creative content that will attract users’ attention.

Up selling and cross selling as ways to attract customers

These two effective methods for attracting customers, allow first of all to increase sales and basket value. Here is a brief description of these methods:

  1. Up selling – is a strategy that involves offering a more expensive or advanced product to the customer instead of the product of their choice. An example would be when a customer chooses a lower-priced product and the seller offers him a better and more expensive version of that product. This allows the customer to get better quality and benefits from the product, and the online store increases the value of sales.
  1. Cross selling – is a strategy that involves offering the customer other products that may interest him or complement the products he has chosen. An example would be when a customer chooses athletic shoes and the online store also offers him socks or sportswear. This allows customers to find products they like and make additional purchases, and the online store will increase the value of sales.

In both cases, the key factor is to tailor the offer to the customer’s needs and preferences. Online stores can use data about customers’ purchases and behaviors to suggest products that fit their lifestyles and needs. This can make the customer feel more satisfied with their shopping experience and eager to return to the store in the future.

Up selling and cross selling are particularly effective for online stores offering a wide selection of products. They allow the store to increase the value of the shopping cart and the customer to gain additional products that will improve the quality and benefit of their shopping experience.

How do you get customers? Summary

Acquiring customers for online stores is crucial to business growth. Online stores can effectively use various marketing methods, such as online advertising, SEO optimization, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing and social media. In addition, up selling and cross selling strategies help to increase the value of the shopping cart and improve the quality and benefit of the shopping experience for customers. Remember, it is the customization of your offerings that is crucial for your online store to successfully attract and satisfy your customers.

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