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How to check positions in Google Maps? Do it right

Checking your Google Maps position is an important step for local businesses that want to increase their visibility and reach potential customers. How to check positions in Google Maps? Read about some proven methods and one very effective tool.

Ways to check your position in Google Maps

There are various ways that you can use to monitor your position in Google Maps:

Manual search

The easiest way is to type in relevant keywords related to your business in Google Maps and see where your business card ranks. You can also enter the name of your city to see how visible your company is in the local results.

Analysis of website traffic

An effective indicator of success in Google Maps can also be an increase in traffic to your website from local results. You can monitor the number of visits to your site coming from Google Maps, which will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your presence in these results.

SEO tools

Some SEO tools offer a Google Maps position tracking feature that allows you to monitor changes in your company’s ranking over time.

Online tools

There are various online tools that allow you to track your Google Maps position for specific keywords. By entering a company’s name and location, such tools provide information on position in search results. Localo is just such a tool, which you will read about later in this article.

Checking your position on Google Maps with the Localo tool

Localo is a tool that makes managing your Google business card very easy. I have already written about it in a post on
local positioning
. Lokalo also allows you to check your position on Google Maps – and it’s convenient and precise. Why use Localo?

Simple visibility analysis – Localo allows you to quickly and intuitively check your company’s position in Google Maps local results. You enter your company name, location and selected keywords, and the tool provides accurate data on the position of your business card.

A snapshot of the position of several keywords – the result of analysis in Localo

Reports and analysis – Localo provides detailed reports and analysis of Google Maps positions. They will allow you to track changes in your company’s ranking, identify trends and take appropriate action.

Local optimization – with Localo, you can also identify weaknesses in your Google Maps presence and take steps to optimize locally. This will allow you to increase your visibility and reach a local clientele.

Save time – instead of manually checking Google Maps positions for different keywords, Localo automates this process, so you save time and get precise results in a short time.

How to check positions in Google Maps using Localo?

In the main view of your account, you must select the “Item” tab:

You will receive data on your visibility, as well as those related to your competitors:

To correctly analyze the results, read the legend – instructions on how to understand the grid:


Using the Localo tool, you can effectively track and analyze your company’s position on Google Maps. By doing so, you will be able to better understand your local visibility, optimize your online presence and attract more potential customers from the local community.

However, if, you do not want to do it yourself – I am happy to offer you my services. I am engaged in supporting business partners in acquiring customers and increasing sales through online marketing.

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