By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Ads dynamic remarketing

Remarketing is a concept that is very popular among all advertisers. The reason is very simple. Huge efficiency! How does it work? And why is dynamic remarketing so highly effective? Read it and everything will be clear.

Google Ads dynamic remarketing – what is it?

You probably know that remarketing is displaying ads to those users who have already interacted with your company – via a website or mobile app. Dynamic remarketing, on the other hand, is an even more precise tool, because not only does it remind customers that they visited your store, but it also displays ads to them with the exact products they browsed with you. Thus, it is a kind of invitation, to finish what they started on your site – shopping.

The special power of dynamic remarketing comes from the fact that the advertising message targeted to customers is very precisely tailored to their preferences. They see exactly the products they were already interested in. An example of banner ads displayed as part of remarketing:

Google Ads dynamic remarketing differs from traditional remarketing campaigns in that it has a different remarketing code. Dynamic ads are generated for each customer, based on the products they browse. In contrast, the data itself used by dynamic remarketing can either come from a file (such as Google Merchant Center) or it can be uploaded manually.

Benefits of dynamic remarketing

Why is it worth it?

Dynamic remarketing increases conversions while reducing acquisition costs. This is because customers seeing products they have already viewed are actually more likely to return to them to finalize a purchase.

Dynamic remarketing also plays an important role in image issues – it creates an impression of personalized action and a large advertising budget, a customer who often sees your store’s ad perpetuates the brand, gains trust in it.

Its key advantages also include the low cost of implementing such advertising and the ability to launch a campaign quickly, in an uncomplicated manner. It is the system itself that chooses the best solutions – the most pertinent product layout, the target locations and the platform where the advertisement appears.

It is also not insignificant that the effects of the campaign are measurable, since all the data is collected for you by Google tools (which, of course, must be properly installed and configured).

Dynamic remarketing and dynamic customer acquisition

Dynamic advertising allows the automatic combination of customer information and product information. This is an excellent solution that e-commerce advertisers benefit from the most. The system works so effectively that it predicts what potential customers will be looking for. It remembers what the user has browsed in your store, predicts what else they might be looking for in the near future based on demographics, and links that information to products on your file. The products in the file themselves are also subject to selection evaluation for relevance and effectiveness.


Google points to stories of companies that have seen as much as a 30-40% increase in revenue or a 5x increase in conversions using dynamic marketing. Such spectacular results can be achieved by anyone.

If you want to start using dynamic remarketing in your campaigns, but don’t know how to do it – I’m available. I specialize in optimizing Google Ads campaigns and invite you to take advantage of my services!

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