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Direct answers: how to hit position 0 on Google?

Nowadays, with information literally at our fingertips, position 0 on Google (direct answers) has become a kind of holy grail for website owners and marketers. This place at the top of search results, where your site can become a direct answer to users’ questions, is of great value. In our blog post, we’ll take a look at how you can hit position 0 on Google, that is, how to get the prestigious “Direct Answer” position and attract more visitors to your site.

Direct answers – what is it?

Direct answers, also known as Google zero position, direct answers or featured snippets, are special pieces of content that search engines such as Google display at the top of search results to directly answer a user’s question. These answers are presented in the form of a short piece of text or a table and are extracted from web pages containing the relevant information.

Main features of direct answers:

  • Direct and concise: Direct answers are usually short and concise, presenting relevant information without having to read the entire website.
  • Placed at the top: Search engines place these answers at the top of search results, making them among the first things a user will see after entering a query.
  • They use a variety of formats: In addition to text, direct answers can include tables, graphics, lists of steps or answers in the form of headings.
  • Question answers: Direct answers are especially useful for questions like “what is it?”, “how does it work?”, “when?”, “how much does it cost?” and others where the user is looking for specific information.
  • Source of information: Search engines cite the source where the answer came from, telling users that the content is based on a specific website.
Direct answers – an example

Direct answers are often used to increase the usability of search results and help users quickly access the information they are interested in without having to go to specific websites.

Where did Google’s direct answer come from?

Google’s direct answer, also known as direct answers, is an innovative feature introduced to the search engine in April 2016. Google is known for continuous improvements and changes to provide a better user experience. Direct responses are a nod to users, aiming to make it easier for them to access the information they need.

The main purpose of Direct Answers is to eliminate the need to browse multiple websites for answers to specific questions. Instead, users get the answer right away, without having to search through various sources. It is almost as if the answer is “handed to them on a platter”.

The feature was originally optimized for English speakers and users in the United States, but was made available to several European countries, including Poland, at the time of its release. As a result, Polish users can also take advantage of this convenient feature, which greatly facilitates searching the Internet for information.

How to achieve position 0 in Google? Practical tips

Achieving position 0 on Google, or appearing as a Direct Answer at the top of search results, can increase your website’s visibility and attract more users. Here are some practical tips to help you increase your chances of getting into this prestigious position:

Content optimization

Focus on optimizing the content on your website to answer questions like “how…”, “what’s…”, “where…”, “when…”. The content should be clear, clear and contain specific phrases related to the question. If you create a definition of a concept, try to make the content comprehensive and include answers to various questions related to the concept.

Website title

Enter the question as the title of the page (tag
). Make sure the question is clear and understandable.

Friendly URL

Create a friendly
, which reflects the question asked. Shorten the address, eliminating unnecessary words while retaining relevant key phrases.

Photo with alternative description

If you use graphics in your content, make sure to include an alternative description of the images that includes the question and the main key phrases. This can help the content be better understood by indexing robots.

SEO activities

Conduct comprehensive activities
on your website, including optimization of meta tags, internal and external linking, and take care of page load speed.

Multimedia content

Consider using a variety of content formats, such as video, graphics or infographics, to further enhance the content’s appeal and chances of appearing as a direct response.

Guide section or blog

If possible, create a tutorial section or blog on your website, where you will regularly publish content to answer frequently asked questions.

By following the above tips, you have a better chance of achieving a position of 0 in Google and presenting yourself as a reliable source of information for users. Remember, however, that this is a competitive position, so patience and regularity in SEO efforts are key.

What gives position 0 in Google?

Position 0 on Google brings many benefits to website owners and marketers. Here are some of them:

  • Greater visibility: websites ranked 0 display at the top of search results, which means they attract users’ attention. This increases the visibility of your site and increases the chances of users clicking through.
  • Credibility: Websites presenting themselves as direct responses are often seen as authoritative and reliable sources of information. This can help build users’ trust in your brand.
  • More traffic: To appear as a direct response at position 0 means that users get the answer to their question without having to visit other pages. However, they will often want to learn more, so they may click through to your site, generating more traffic.
  • Increased Engagement: Direct Answer can link to the source of the information, which encourages users to visit your site to read the full content. This can lead to longer time spent on the site and greater user engagement.
  • Conversions: If your site ranks 0 for queries related to products or services, this can translate into higher conversion rates, as users searching for information are more likely to make purchasing decisions.
  • Value for users: Ultimately, item 0 also benefits users by providing them with quick and concise answers to their questions, making the use of search engines more efficient and satisfying.


Achieving position 0 on Google, i.e. appearing as a direct response at the top of search results, requires careful planning and optimization of content. It’s a goal that can bring a significant increase in traffic to your website, but it also requires hard work and attention to content quality. It’s worth remembering that aiming for item 0 is not just about following a trend, but more importantly providing users with valuable and clear answers to their questions. With the right approach to optimizing your content and understanding how Google’s algorithm works, you can increase your chances of gaining that prestigious spot in search results.

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