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What is a URL?

A URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is a unique identifier that identifies the location of a particular resource on the Internet. It can be a website, an image, a document or any other file available online. A URL allows you to precisely locate and access a resource on the web.

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What is a URL?

A URL is a sequence of characters that points to a specific place on the Web. It consists of several elements, such as protocol, domain, path and parameters. Each of these elements plays an important role in determining the location of a resource.

The URL is essential for daily use of the Internet. We use it when typing a website address into a browser, clicking on links in search results, or when sharing links with others. Therefore, it is useful to understand what a URL is, how to find it and what it consists of.

URL syntax

A URL consists of several elements that precisely define the location of a resource on the Internet. The main components of a URL include:


The protocol is the first element of the URL and determines how the browser and the server communicate. The most commonly used protocol is
or its secure version


Domain is the name of the website where the resource is located. This can be the name of the company, organization or other unique identifier.


The path points to a specific folder or file location on the website. This is often a descriptive snippet of the URL that helps identify what page or resource is specifically being referred to.


Parameters are additional information that can be passed in a URL. These include, for example, data for filtering results, session IDs or other information used by a particular website.

URL: How to find it in different places?

URLs can be found in different ways, depending on your needs and context. They appear in many places, such as:

Web browser

If you want to find the URL of a particular website, you can use your browser’s address bar. This is where the URL of the page you are currently on is located.

URL bar

Search results

When viewing search results, the URLs of individual pages are usually displayed under the titles of the results. You can click on them to be taken directly to the page in question.

search results URL

On the websites

Often you will find links or buttons on websites that lead to other resources. However, the URLs are usually not visible because the buttons act as anchors.

anchor URL

Image URL

An image URL is a specific type of URL that points to a specific image available online. It can be used to display images on websites or to share them with others.

Using the image URL

An image URL is often used in HTML code to place an image on a web page. It can also be used as a link that, when clicked, leads to the full version of the image.

How to find the URL of an image?

To find the URL of an image, most often you just need to right-click on the image and select Copy Image URL or Open Graphic in New Tab and then copy the URL, which will appear in the bar in a new tab. You can then paste it into the appropriate place where you want to use the image.

image URL

The URL is an integral part of how the Internet works. Without it, it would be difficult to navigate the web and find what you are looking for. Every resource available on the web has its own URL, so if, for example, you’re optimizing your site for SEO, it’s worth taking care of redirects to avoid errors.

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