By Zieliński Jerzy

CPO in marketing: how to measure effectiveness?

In today’s world of online marketing, success isn’t just about getting customers’ attention. It is equally important to use the advertising budget effectively and achieve the best possible results for any money spent. In this context, the measure known as CPO (Cost Per Order or Cost Per Acquisition) is extremely important. In this article you will learn exactly what CPO is in marketing, how it is calculated, and why it is so important to the success of advertising campaigns.

CPO – what exactly is it?

CPO, or Cost Per Order or Cost Per Acquisition, is an indicator that measures the cost of acquiring one customer or one order through specific marketing activities. In short, CPO measures how much it costs you, on average, to acquire one new customer or make one transaction. The formula for calculating CPO is as follows:

CPO = (Advertising costs – Profits) / Number of new customers or orders

Example: If you spent $1,000 on an advertising campaign and gained 20 new customers through it, the CPO is:

CPO = (PLN 1000 – Profits) / 20 customers.

Why is CPO important in marketing?

When it comes to marketing CPO is a key indicator for several reasons:

  1. Budget Optimization: CPO helps you understand how much money you need to get new customers. This allows you to optimize your
    advertising budget
    and allocate resources where they are most effective.
  2. Profit Maximization: By closely monitoring CPO, you can aim to minimize customer acquisition costs, which increases your company’s profits.
  3. Better Marketing Decisions: With clear CPO information, you can make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy. You can know which advertising channels bring the best results and focus on them.
  4. Campaign Effectiveness Tracking: CPO allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in real time. If the CPO is too high, it may indicate the need to change the strategy or optimize the campaign.

How to improve CPO in marketing?

When it comes to CPO and marketing, improving the ratio can be a key goal for many companies. Here are some strategies that can help reduce customer acquisition costs:

  1. Green Area Segmentation: By analyzing your data more closely, you can determine exactly which customer segment is most profitable and focus on it.
  2. A/B Testing: Conducting A/B testing allows you to compare the effectiveness of different ad variants, which can lead to increased CTR and lower CPO.
  3. Landing Page Optimization: make sure your ad campaign landing page is optimized for conversions. A clear and attractive website can help make a campaign more effective.
  4. Long-term Customer Value: Instead of focusing only on one-time transactions, consider how much value a customer brings over the long term. This can make you more flexible in spending on customer acquisition.


CPO in marketing is a key indicator that helps determine the cost of acquiring customers or orders. It is extremely important for optimizing the advertising budget and increasing the effectiveness of the campaign. Therefore, any company that aims to succeed in online marketing should closely monitor its CPO and strive to improve it by optimizing its advertising strategy and landing pages. It is worth investing time and resources in understanding and improving this key indicator.

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