By Zieliński Jerzy

Copywriting vs. text ads

Your text ads need to meet specific objectives to be attractive to potential customers and at the same time fit into Google’s rules. Seemingly a lot to do, but in practice it’s all about achieving a common goal – creating relevant and effective ads that are realistically responsive to search engine users – that is, your customers.

Google Ads text ads vs. copywriting, or how to write to make them want to buy

With well-written advertisements, you will reach new customers, run advertising campaigns with higher rates of effectiveness and quality, and thus generate more profits with less money. Read how to write so customers want to read, click, and most of all, buy!

Google Ads text ads – principles of copywriting according to Google

Google has clarified its requirements for what content in ads it wants to show its users. From the advertiser’s point of view, you should know what not to do (because it may lead to rejection of the ad):

  • content with language errors;
  • incomprehensible and meaningless;
  • With misused symbols, punctuation marks, capital letters and spaces;
  • inconsistent with the guidelines, placing the phone number in the text of the ad (this can only be done with call extensions);
  • unnecessary repetition of phrases;
  • The use of prohibited words or trademarks.

The list of prohibited practices is quite extensive, but don’t worry – there’s more you can and even should do to make your ads stand out and make money.

Advertising that clicks – basic principles

  • Emphasize what sets you apart and what is your advantage: e.g., warranty, immediate 24-hour shipping, free delivery, industry experience, awards;
  • Write about specifics – give terms of purchase, price, details of the offer;
  • Stamp out why you are better than others – maybe you offer a special promotion, loyalty program or freebies;
  • Let customers know about sales, news, promotions;

There are a few patents that always work well for Internet users:

  1. Be sure to use a CTA (Call To Action) – you should consider it a basic element of Google Ads. It will smoothly guide the customer to your website. “Buy Now” or “Order” really work!
  2. Attract with words – magnets. “Free”, “Save” or “Only now” are catchy slogans that convince people to be interested in just your offer.
  3. Ask! Questions arouse curiosity, make you think, but most importantly they are an excuse to offer a ready solution – in the form of your product or service.
  4. Be timely – refer to current events, seasons, weather, holidays.
  5. Use numbers because they are an attractive text highlight.
  6. Remember emotions – they are what make us feel the need to buy a product. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and try to capitalize on what they may be feeling.

Google Ads copywriting – a recipe for success

I would like to give it to you on a platter, but reality is demanding. The above tips are some ways to crank up the quality and effectiveness of Google Ads text ads. I encourage you to test and experiment with solutions that work for your industry. Certainly, the time spent on fine-tuning Ads texts will be a good investment. They are worth working on, as they have a direct impact on, for example, the ad quality score or CTR.

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