By Zieliński Jerzy

Who is an e-commerce manager? And do you need it?

E-commerce seems to be a concrete and specialized concept. And indeed it is, but once you delve into e-commerce, you will quickly realize how many elements make up this one issue. If you are getting into online sales with your own store sooner or later you will face a dilemma: how to organize and coordinate all the activities related to the online store well? Can you manage to do it yourself? Or do you need support? You should get to know the position of an e-commerce manager and only then decide what to do next. This article takes a closer look at the responsibilities of an e-commerce manager and explains his role in a well-functioning online store.

What does an e-commerce manager do?

It can be referred to as an online store manager, which brightens things up a bit – because an e-commerce manager is responsible for the entire operation of an online store. This position brings together in one place such important elements of e-business operations as efficient store operations, marketing, customer service and full logistics. Therefore, his tasks include direct supervision and cooperation with everyone who works on the online store – from other employees from the e-commerce department, to external entities working on behalf of the store (advertising agencies, SEO, SEM, programmer making changes to the site, etc.).

Coming back to the answer to the question of what does an e-commerce manager do? You can really expect a lot from him, and certainly activities in the field:

  • Setting and achieving goals for the store;
  • managing the e-commerce department;
  • Analyzing the product offering and making any changes to it;
  • Increasing store revenue;
  • store optimization;
  • Improving the customer’s purchase path;
  • Planning and supervision of marketing campaigns;
  • Control over advertising activities – analysis and implementation of changes;
  • Cooperation with external entities working for the store.

A good e-commerce manager brings together the competencies most relevant to the operation of online sales – business, marketing, logistics and technology. What’s more, he must be characterized by developed analytical skills that will allow him to understand the behavior of customers – web users – and translate them into satisfactory revenues for the store.

When do you need an e-commerce manager?

Symptoms heralding the need to find the right person to support e-commerce can appear at different stages of the business. However, there are some key symptoms that should light a red light calling for the help of an e-commerce specialist. Here they are:

  1. You want to get into e-commerce. You have ideas, maybe even an already finished online store. You also have fears and a lot of uncertainties – a specialist will advise and dispel them, give actions the right direction.
  1. E-commerce in the company is handled by someone inexperienced in this field, some things work well, others not necessarily. You want to verify and improve it.
  1. You base decisions related to the store on intuition. In e-commerce, you have to act on data. It is necessary to analyze site traffic, conversions,
    , competition and many other elements that allow further action to be based on concrete conclusions.
  1. You lack the time to manage and take care of all the issues related to the store. An e-commerce manager is competent to coordinate the work of people, analyze data, set goals, supervise cooperation with external agencies.
  1. You are thinking about the future and want to create a professional e-commerce department. E-commerce manager will be the best basis for creating an effective structure, driving revenue from the online store.

External e-commerce manager – for whom?

If the position of e-commerce manager is too much for your company at its current stage of operation, you have other options available to you that will also make you successful in e-commerce. I am thinking of an external e-commerce manager. This is the solution for you if:

  • You are just starting out in e-commerce, do not want to commit to hiring a specialist permanently, but need at least a consultation;
  • you have doubts about the effectiveness of your existing store-related activities and its profitability;
  • You are looking for ways to increase revenue from your store;
  • no budget to hire a full-time e-commerce manager, but need professional support to rock your online business.

You can work with an external E-commerce manager for a specific dimension, i.e. part-time, or use his support on an ad hoc consulting basis. Specialists in this industry are available on a flexible basis.


An e-commerce manager should be a key person for you, essential for e-business success. With his help, the store will grow and bring satisfactory profits. You can get the right support through various channels – hire a staff member to work for your company on a permanent basis, or get one-time or recurring consulting advice from an external e-commerce manager.

If you have doubts about the operation of your online store – call or write to me, I help solve problems in e-commerce activities.

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