By Zieliński Jerzy

What is positioning?

I mainly deal with Google Ads, but it’s hard to talk about Internet marketing and not mention SEO. How does SEO work and why do some sites show up higher in search results than others? Today I will explain the absolute basics of SEO.

What’s the deal with search results?

Google is always trying to display the most relevant results to users. When you type a phrase (such as 200×220 bedding) into a search engine, you mainly find stores where you can buy it. If you skip the paid search results (labeled as Advertising), you will be left with organic search results in Google. It’s no coincidence that one store shows up in the first position and another only on the third page of search results. Of course, it is clear which one will get more traffic to the site. To achieve a higher position for a specific keyword (such as 200×220 bedding), you just need to position.

SEO – what is it in practice?

OK, it’s worth SEO, but how do you do it and really, what is SEO? In short, it’s optimizing your site and building your link profile (aka link building). Consider that SEO works differently than Google and FB Ads. The effects usually appear after a few weeks or months, rather than immediately.

On-site SEO

On-site is all the activities on the site you are positioning. These include:

  • Content optimization – saturating with keywords, introducing a hierarchy of headings, writing/optimizing category and product descriptions, etc.
  • Site structure – introduction of a logical and clear menu, internal linking (adding links to subpages in the content on other subpages, for example, in blog articles),
  • Technical optimization – simple URLs readable by the user and search engine, speeding up loading, adapting the site to mobile devices, optimizing meta title and description, adding alt attributes to graphics,
  • UX – the site is supposed to provide a positive user experience (fast loading time, intuitive navigation, readability, high-quality graphics, etc.).

Off-site SEO

So just work on the site to increase visibility? Not really. It’s also worth building your site’s authority, as this benefits SEO. What does this mean in practice? Off-site SEO is link profile building, or link building. It involves placing links to your site on other sites. You may associate it with SPAM, but the days when Google tolerated it are over. Now the best bet is to publish sponsored articles. The link should be placed in the so-called. Anchor, or keyword. Depending on what phrase you choose, this allows you to position your product, category or brand.

You can also post links on topic forums, for example. In addition, it is worth:

  • Set up a Google My Business card,
  • maintain profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok,
  • strive for good feedback from customers.

It’s hard to describe SEO in one article – it’s a broad topic. Want to know more? Rest assured, I will still be back on the topic.

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