By Zieliński Jerzy

What do SEO and marketing automation have in common?

Internet marketing today is an essential field for any company that wants to gain new customers and keep existing ones. Meanwhile, SEO and marketing automation are indispensable elements of marketing, especially for those operating in e-commerce. What are these concepts about and why are they so important to a successful marketing campaign? What do they have in common? Read and use this knowledge.

SEO – basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization. This optimization is aimed at increasing the visibility of your website in search results, thus attracting as many users to your site as possible.

In short, SEO is a series of activities aimed at improving a site’s position in search results for specific keywords. This optimization consists of, among other things. On optimizing your site’s content and tags, linking, building reputation and taking care of content.
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Marketing automation – what is it?

Marketing automation is a system that automates marketing processes to capture leads and increase sales. Marketing automation makes it possible to send personalized offers, newsletters or information about new products on offer without company employees.

Marketing automation is a range of marketing activities that can be automated. These include. Generating leads, personalizing messages, building customer relationships or tracking user behavior.

Why use SEO and marketing automation in marketing campaigns?

The use of SEO and marketing automation are key elements of a successful marketing campaign. Implementing SEO optimization allows you to increase the number of visits to your website and attract new customers. Marketing automation, on the other hand, simplifies the work and allows the automation of marketing processes, saving time and increasing the efficiency of marketing activities.

Implementing SEO optimization and marketing automation is a guarantee of success in online marketing. With these tools, a company can increase its online visibility, gain new customers and increase sales.

Using both disciplines in marketing campaigns allows for even better results. SEO makes it possible to increase the number of visits to the site, and marketing automation makes it easier to automate marketing processes and personalize the content provided. This allows you to reach the right audience at the right time, resulting in more effective marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation can also help improve a site’s position in search results, which in turn will help increase traffic to the site. After all, by tracking user behavior and personalizing the content provided, it is possible to tailor the offer to the needs and interests of a given audience, which will positively affect the level of engagement and return on investment in marketing activities.

How to use marketing automation in SEO?

I present some examples of how Marketing Automation can be used in SEO efforts:

Generating leads

Marketing Automation allows you to automate the process of collecting contact information of potential customers who come to your website. This makes it easier to run email marketing campaigns, thereby increasing the number of visits to the site and attracting potential customers.

Personalization of transmitted content

Marketing Automation enables the creation of personalized content for users that takes into account their interests, preferences and browsing history. This allows you to provide users with the content they are most interested in, resulting in more effective marketing efforts and a better ranking in Google search results.

Data analysis

Marketing Automation allows the collection and analysis of data from various sources, and this results in a better understanding of user behavior and preferences. This makes it easier to customize content and optimize the site for search engines.

Automatic content creation

Marketing Automation allows you to create automated content that adapts to user needs and changes in search engine algorithms. This allows you to constantly update the content on your site, which translates into a positive impact on your site’s position in search results. The right tools or outside support, such as from GoodContent, will also help with content creation.

Tracking the competition

Marketing Automation allows you to track your competitors and analyze their marketing activities, so you can adapt your actions to the current market situation. This makes it easier to position your site in search results and increase its visibility online. An example of a tool that is certainly useful in this regard is Senuto.


If you haven’t yet introduced automation into your business, now is a good time. SEO and Marketing Automation complement each other and do not require large costs. Implementing automation will allow you to better manage your content and improve your search engine results. If you want to get to the next level, invest in SEO and Marketing Automation – contact me, I will help you make the necessary changes.

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