By Zieliński Jerzy

What are SEO PBNs?

Still looking for ways to do effective SEO? Today I’m figuring out another issue you’re sure to encounter as you explore the topic
. PBN SEO – what is it and what is it used for? Read about Private Blog Network.

Private Blog Network – what is it?

PBN for short is the Private Blog Network. One of the ways of SEO, specifically the link building element. It involves creating multiple blogs and linking between them. The linking structure looks like this: the blogs highest in the hierarchy link to the positioned page.

Are PBNs a safe and effective method of positioning? This is a rather ambiguous issue. Unfortunately, Google’s subsequent algorithm updates are moving in a direction that may reduce the effectiveness of PBNs as a way to position a website. But – on the other hand – if implemented based on experience and wise actions, SEO PBN is safe and can bring satisfactory results, with relatively low financial investment.

What should a valuable SEO PBN look like?

  1. Of great importance here is the content, which should be unique and valuable, but also contain appropriately positioned keywords. Descriptive graphics and mandatory – headlines saturated with key phrases are also a good support for the content.
  2. It is good for the blog to be built on a domain with high authority, that is, with a good history in Google. It is best to look for them on domain exchanges. Well-selected ones ensure the achievement of higher search engine positions, and the links coming from them have more power.
  3. What matters is the quality of the sites that make up the Private Blog Network. It is up to Google to judge them as valuable and in line with search engine guidelines.
  4. It is good for domains to be registered to different people or business entities. It is worthwhile for them to use different hosting and have different IP addresses.

How to create an effective PBN SEO strategy?

It is up to the level of skill in building a PBN to determine whether Google considers it a Black or White Hat SEO technique. Therefore, it is necessary to have a substantive approach to the topic and constant supervision by a human – an SEO or programmer, who will ensure the reliability of the Private Blog Network used. Otherwise, you risk lowering the position of your website or even removing it from search results.

Creating valuable and secure SEO PBNs requires experience and knowledge, which is primarily possessed by specialists. Skillfully created, they will work well and build safe and solid positions for sites. But only if they are attended to and subsidized, with unique content and proper attention to consistency of message and content.

Are you wondering how to effectively position your website? Looking for a backend where you can safely publish links to your site? Get back to me. Let me help!

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